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Ralph Ring is one of the surviving members of a team of technicians and scientists who worked for legendary inventor, Otis T Carr. Otis Carr was a protege of Nikolai Tesla. Ralph has made himself available for interviews and appearances to discuss his own experience working on Carr’s team, and the amazing OTC-X1.

We are living in a sea of energy. —Ralph Ring

1 downloadable .pdf article on Arthur C. Aho's; "Tomorrow's_Energy_...Need_Not_Be_Fuel!"

.pdf Part 1

4 downloadable .pdf's of Otis Carr's Dimensions of Mystery (Decoded)

.pdf Part 1

.pdf Part 2

.pdf Part 3

.pdf Part 4

Norman Colton with ‘Long John’ Nebel viewing a larger unmanned model

If you are new to the “Pods” one of our main pod members, Benn, has put these together as a basic introduction pack  (Benn intends to put out a 4th book when they have a working model and the knowledge of how that was done can then be shared in a fourth book.)

1st book:  Otis-Carr-OTC-X1-Complete-Part-1-Atoms-For-Peace

2nd book: Otis-Carr-OTC-X1-Complete-Part-2-Original-OTC-X1-research-material

3rd book:  Otis-Carr-OTC-X1-Complete-Part-3-Dimensions-Of-Mystery-Schematics

And here is a copy of original set of plans from 1950’s:

OTC-X1 plans from the 1950s

  • http://3dstudiofabian.si Mitja Fabian

    Hello Mr. Ring!

    I am writing to you if you by any chance need somekind of an 3d presentation or animation for you product! I hade really enough with this holding humanity in slavery becouse of energy or lack of it. Raising oil prices and keeping more and more people in poverty. I have even found myself on the edge of it, and I have trully had enough!! If I can do anything to help this couse in any possible way or if you can use my talents in any way please let me know! I would be more than happy and proud to help!! I know that if more and more people realiza what have been “done” to them, we could turn the tables around more quickly..

    I send you my love and admiration for what you are doing and for what you have allready done!
    Thank you!

  • Albert T Knight JR

    When I first heard your testimony Which was three years ago ,You became my favorite scientist, I sure would like to have plans to build a model flying saucer.I do understand that can`t happen because the men in black,Cents you already have run into them At onetime,I sure hope you have Left all that beautiful knowledge with a protégé .I sure would like to get on your mailing list , I have your testimony on my website .Have you ever heard of Dr. Greer /C -SITE .They are heavy in to Mind meditation to Communicate Well that’s all for now .

    • Barnacle Luffy

      Hi, I am new. I joined a forum but can’t seem to get what I write to enter. There is no post comment button. Can you help me?
      Thanks a bunch.

      • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

        Hello. I’m not sure what is wrong. I haven’t been looking after the website properly due to needing to provide for my family. We probably will drop the forum as soon as we can rebuild the website as it is too hard to monitor. Most of the posts end up being spam, sadly. Mark

        • Barnacle Luffy

          Hi Mark, thanks for the reply. I understand you are busy, so I will not ask for much of your time. I am busy downloading and reading “all” the material from your web site. I already see some changes I would like to make “in keeping with sacred geometry” to the pod so I will not be requiring any material at this time. I bought the model of the Area 51 Sports Model when it first came out years ago. It is siting here on my desk next to the model of the SR-71 which I saw in real life in a hanger in Cameron Bay, Viet Nam “1967”. Watched two pilots get in the cockpit it white space suits first time I ever saw a space suit. I remember saying to my self after coming from a village of crossbows and seeing that beautiful plane “And they say that we are losing the war?” My Crusader Rabbit ears by this time had already started to droop. OOps! Started Old Farting.
          Though I am attempting my own prototype, if you sell a kit for Carr and Ralph’s ship I am definitely interested. To be really honest, I would love to have one.
          I log in and out of the your web site when I am on as a courtesy so you know that it is me nosing around.
          Thanks again,

          • Barnacle Luffy

            In the ebony my cross I bare
            And with no other man the burden will I share
            Heart warm body strong perfection I seek
            I leave unfulfilled dreams for others grown week
            I live not for the herald promises tomorrow is to bring
            I live each day for that day and exalt my self to king…

            Now I am old and lost my spring and wonder what tomorrow will bring
            But with the gained wisdom I will be bold and tell you that some wonderful treasure will unfold…

  • John

    Do you just blog or are there any accual research sites, and if there are research sites do you have any openings for research assistances?

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster


      We don’t, at this time, have research sites, as such. But we have people working in “pods” in various places. Where are you located?


    • y men70

      i think ,this device is …..ocal magnet motor combine with bedini coil …….ocal magnet magnet motor ….will run continues when spinning the disc , the magnet have 2 pole it spin it self , the trunnion maybe is the magnet …..the bedini coil , it have 2 coil insides , 1 is for pulsing magnectic , 1 is for collect energy back to battery

    • Levi Tate

      There is no actual research sites as this technology is highly illegal under man’s law. It’s up to the open minded individual to be an independent, self funded researcher and listen to what other, more experienced, independent, self funded researchers have to say on sites like this.
      If you look hard enough, there is actually all the information you need to build a flying saucer and operate it, right here on this site and the sites it references. There are a number of scientific principles employed by this machine in particular, eg. the self-fueling, quantum energy generation system functions independently of the mechanism for levitation and the mechanism for producing magnetic resonance. There are research sites for all these principles but if you’re looking for the research site for the actual vehicle that Ralph Ring speaks of, this is it right here bro
      If you wonder why the technology illegal, then ask yourself: Why is the CURE FOR MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS iillegal in Australia, just because there is a small risk of death among users of the drug, yet cigarettes are available to anyone aged 18 or older, regardless of the proven health risks to users, which mostly result in death? Then you should ask: Why is tobacco legal to buy from a registered, licensed business but if you were to grow it by the KHa and give it away for free, you’d most likely go to jail for a very long time, not for distributing a dangerous and addictive drug that kills people, but for Grand Treason and tax fraud?

  • http://TheQuietMind.us John Lumiere-Wins

    Thank you both Ralph and Marsha for your work. I listened to you speaking with Kerry Cassidy & was most interested in the thinks you mentioned about awareness and consciousness. I am awakening and dedicated to being of service in my work as well as in every aspect of my life. I would love to speak with you about what awakening means to you and how you see that I and others can best contribute to our emerging new reality. Also, I would love to build one of the models; is there a pod in my area? I live in Oakland and my office is in Emveryville, CA.

    Bless you more,

    510 301 8578

  • James Dempsey

    I think this idea would be great for me as I have family living all over the country! But what I am interested is an idea Tesla used to run an 80hp electric motor on a pierce arrow. Which would be a bit too conspicuous but something like an standard electric golf cart 8-10 ph motor would be a bit easier to hide or keep out of sight for experimentation purposes. I imagine there was a way to attract this aether using vacume tubes and some other things and some type of antenna. And to either scale it up or scale it down would be a matter of changing from series or parrallel type combinations of the components involved.
    I am some what of a Christian prophet and I have seen in a vision how things might be levitated and I do believe the use of concentration and sound would be part of it. If you believe it in your heart and picture or imagine it in your mind.

    I think what most people miss about the power of God has to do with receiving dreams and visions! They say the human brain is only 10-20 efficient! Well compare that to a computer and we know pictures and video’s require much more space on a hard drive so you have to be careful about downloading picture files or movies. Be cause they require more memory. and also they say a picture is worth a 1000 words! So if you are seeking to hear or receive a revelation from God through fasting and prayer then it is best for you to receive a dream or vision over only a word or phrase from the bible . Really it is a word picture book! But we are not suppose to read when fasting and praying as in walking by faith and not by sight.
    So some of this material is hard for me to grasp I can only absorb a little at a time and I am not sure if or where my answer is even here in your material!

  • Don DeSimone

    I’m kind of new to this group and I have to admit you have my curiousity….it seems that since heat is a natural enemy of electrical coils and apparatus that keeping this system cooled down might be a rather natural transgression…..has anyone had a problem with heat at this point? I think I may have read somewhere about a special coil Tesla was said to have used which was cooled somehow….do we have any pods in the Chicago area? I really do not know a whole lot about any of this and would like to try to get up to speed….has anyone had any luck so far ? are we on our own? how does this work? So far it looks to be en electrical engine of sorts, I have seen a couple units ( on Line / Utube) actually spinning…one that seemed to be producing some power, but, not anywhere near the level which it will need to achieve any success…

  • Jim Hallman

    Tesla and Carr were amazing men in how they were able to visualize these wonderful inventions. Unfortunately, there are very powerful and dangerous people in this world that are trying to control us. Free energy and the ability to freely travel are abilities they do not want the “common man” to have. Otherwise they loose control and will become insignifcant. From reading about what happened to Otis including the FBI raid and then discrediting him to break him is such a shame. I just hope that Otis was able to document what he did before he passed away in 2006 and put it in the hands of someone that can carry on his legacy for all of us to enjoy in the future and break us free from the control freaks. Although total freedom will not be found here on earth.
    Is there any pod in Oregon which can be contacted? I have so many questions about how the OTC-X1 worked and how build it. So many questions and too few answers…. …

  • valiantX

    I’m not surprised the design for this is hexagonal in shape, which proves to be the best basic geometric design to equally and fully circumvent a centralized object, is very similar to a stellation of a octahedron: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:First_stellation_of_octahedron.png. Physicist Nassim Haramein has shown in his resonance videos that black holes or what I call concaving infinity, showed that in his calculations, black holes geometrically aligned up simply in hyperspace as a stellation of octahedron and in its complicit whole looks like a compound of five octahedra: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Compound_of_five_octahedra.png. Haramein and other alternative researchers have also shown that the ancient flower of life is relative to these two designs I’ve mentioned, which also looks like the shape of the craft in the picture too! link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flower_of_Life. So what I’m thinking here is that Ralph and Otis had built a electromagnetic hyper-drive craft that could create a black hole in time-space, which literally allowed them to travel instantaneously across the valley down in San Bernardino.

    Also, I was thinking about the purpose behind why Carr wanted Ring and the other participants to think aquamarine blue, was it because Carr had planted something of that color at the sight in which they traveled to and back from? More over, since this craft is not powered by combustion and does not push people around in space or out of it like our ubiquitous amount of rudimentary and unsustainable vehicles round the world, is this another reason why Otis inferred Ralph and the others to sync in mind towards the color in order for them to align in consciousness with the ship in order for them to move at all, since I understand that hyper-space travel isn’t really something that can be done well at all with your limited and finite physical body only i.e. space shuttles operate with numerous control panels that takes more than one person to optimally function, hence it is not a suitable craft to travel into deep space, especially when encountering a field of mass debris. Well, that throws the steering stick out the window! In addition, does this imply the crafts speed or travel is determined by the mind itself and not orientated or regulated by speedometers and a engine governor of sorts, if there is an engine apparatus at all in the conventional sense.

    Hope you guys are able to rediscover this technology, and when you do, the world round will be changed forever and these petty governmental authorities and their imaginative laws will be render obsolete, for when humans can travel freely without restriction but unto their own minds, it is then they can truly be physically free from all oppression, tyranny, and enslavement!

    • Mex

      Aqua marine is a frequency. Ralph mentions reaching the resonant frequency of your *surroundings*.

      The third eye converts light to sound and sound to light. If you think “seven,” you see “7” and you hear “seven.” If you see “7,” you hear “seven” and you think “seven.”

      I definitely has something to do with synchronising the mind, with what exactly, I’m not quite sure. :)

  • Woody Alien

    I find this to be a very fascinating subject. Basing to those ‘Machine Shop Design Schematics’, I started to model the parts, using a 3D-software. Just to get a better picture, what are my chances to actually machine required parts.

    But, some of those design schematics are simply too blurred, to read the exact measurements. I’m aware, that they are based on the Sacred geometry, which has its own mathematical, and also spiritual rules. I have a great respect for both, though.

    But, as an amateur machinist, all I need to know, are the exact measures, not the math, that results them.

    So, I humbly ask, is there a way to make those drawings more readable? And perhaps easier obtainable, as a form of plain pdf’s?

  • Tim

    as per Woody Aliens comments if you dont mind please send me same….thats if you get this email…

  • McEgr

    To Woody and Tim:
    I am also a machinist and will be putting together a new shop in the next few weeks to do more research. I would like to respectfully mention that this machine, when operational, would be massively powerful and potentially dangerous. Were you to have a working model, would you post its secrets in their entirety for everyone? Or would you leave some elements out… so that only those who really love this subject, and are willing to understand not only the mechanisms, but also the underlying responsibility and necessity for compassionate use, might be able to re-create a model? I also would like to extend a small bit of my personal philosophy which may apply here:
    -A large part of a machine’s beauty lies not only in its use and function, but in the art of its design and creation.
    -Seek heroes, those who you admire and love for their acts and personality, but do not seek to be your hero. A life is unique and important. It serves a function and propagates its purpose to the life around it. If we strive to be our heroes, instead of learning from our heroes and pushing the wave forward, we will sit in a world without change.
    It has taken me a while to reach this understanding, when I first started studying the subject at hand I was starving for knowledge and looking for fast answers. Only after sitting at a desk with a pen and paper to re-create the information supplied will a person truly understand its meaning. :-)
    on a related note:
    I urge others to consider our current state of internet communication and instant information to gain a new view on the state of our economic system. An economy is based on the basic human response to contact with other people’s applied knowledge. The patent system is a library of PAST applied knowledge, where the inventor may sell his tools to others. The underlying principal of purchasing a tool is to make a job easier and faster so that the buyer may have more time to improve the world in their own way (or learn more about its workings). Look at a patent or creation you truly love, if you made one of whatever, would it look the same? Or would you, by the inherent knowledge you have gained from life experience and the lessons from others, make small improvements to it’s design along the way? Could it be that the goal of a patent is not to obtain an inventions economic benefits, but instead to catalog its usefulness and challenge others to do better?
    Good luck on your creations, when I am successful in my own, I will share what I can. May your impact in life’s pond cast a ripple to it’s furthest shores.

  • david

    I would like for you to send me the price on all materials related to the Otis t carr flying saucer..so I can purchase them ok…thanks…

  • Michael Day

    I was shown in a vivid dream that I would be helping distribute Continuous power supply/ continues in an energy source machines when they are available

    I understand who we our consciousness wise

    How may I help.

    Please contact me.



    Hello Ralph, what would you say if someone told you that conciousness has evolved to levels unimaginable to explain and would be able to help you on this project. If you want to hear more please contact me.

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  • chris armstrong

    As a practitioner of Eastern meditation techniques, the material on this web site is fascinating. Not only has the knowledge of the principles necessary for designing this structure emerged from consciousness, but the ability to activate and utilize this structure depends upon the resonance of the consciousness of the driver and the structure itself. The correlation of the consciousness of the driver and the consciousness of the structure must be one and the same. This must be the foundation principle necessary for building and using this beautiful creation. For those who are interested in participating in this project, mastery of the inner self, the Cosmic self, must be realized. To utilize such a magnificent machine/being one must resonate with that being/machine as one. Without the resonance of consciousness, this friendly being/machine will not respond since the line of communication, so to speak, is not open. Cosmic consciousness is Love. Love is the force of Gravity. Consciousness and Gravity are the same. One must be able to handle the Self if one desires to handle this Gravity/Love machine. I will continue to monitor this site. I would like to know what this site is asking us to do, if anything. This project is highly important and I would enjoy participating. Let me know if there is anything I can do. Thank you for your efforts and inspiration.

  • http://ronbattjes.com Ron Battjes

    Ralph, I am interested in helping with graphics and audio >>> http://earthatnight.org/resume.html <<<… Ron

  • Liana

    Any pods in or near Jalisco, Mexico? Just watched your presentation and could feel my vibration changing while listening. I love the work you are doing and hope to see more. Thank you!

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      Well Hello Liana! If you want to have a pod in Jalisco, Mexico you can be the start!

      Add me in skype as a contact and I will add you to the global pods skype room so that you can talk with others around the world. My skype username is markhoza

  • Missy:)

    Hi Ralph,
    Is this forum still moving forward? It’s now Jan. 29,2014 and the last post was Nov. 2013? I am most interested in becoming a Conscious Operator of these Loving Beings/Vehicles. I live in Ashland Oregon. Is there a pod near by? I am in the process of purchasing a home on 1000 acres (very secluded) on the east side of I-5 directly across from Mt. Ashland. Please let me know how I can be part of your remarkable work. I could be an investor if funds are needed. I too was raised in Paradise, Calif. where I learned to do “out of body astral projection” at the age of 3 years old. And yes my email address really is “rocketmail.com” :) I’m a retired Child Psychologist. A single lady, 60yrs, no kids and lots of free time to explore consciousness!!! I live for becoming more “aware” each and every day. May you live your greatest joy and highest excitement!

  • Robert Ellis

    Hi everyone im new to this site is there a pod in the uk I can join I feel frequency generators have great potential in advancing human consciousness to heights never conceived of before and I need all the help I can get to recreate OTC X1 technology

  • Ricky L. Johansen, Jr., Ph.D.

    Interesting but unusual. I fail to see any substantive material that substantiates the hypothesis that folks can levitate and/or travel via telaportation using electromagnetic fields. The breaking of physics laws seems nonplausable, because we all live in a physical universe. If Newton’s Laws do not apply and/or Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity does not apply; or applies in part due to space/time continuum and warping of space… then we need to know EXACTLY how these new founded yet antiquated methods can be applied. [Having been experimented with in 1955+]

    • Maja Loncar

      ricky go and learn more … still seems you miss the understanding of science since you question too much

    • Mex

      Read this…
      …Then read the second book and the third book. I will give you a link to the fourth book if you haven’t already found it before you finish the first three.


    • Jared

      Ricky, I believe the answer to your question is, most likely, no, there is no explanation here that justifies how these things were accomplished within the scientific framework of relativity, the laws of thermal dynamics, etc. From the comments I’ve watched of Mr. Ring explaining how the larger 45ft craft moved/teleported the method of moving it was accomplished by Mr. Carr utilizing his mind at a point/state beyond the limit that the brain functions. Scientifically speaking that isn’t an explanation since it refers to some unknown thought state beyond our conscious mental operation. Mr. Ring explained what he recalled of Mr. Carr’s explanation regarding the trip taken in the larger test craft as thus, “… outside of time is where the mind is, that’s where you operate the best. If you don’t get out of your brain you’re wasting your time, you’re chasing your tail. (Mr. Carr) So, what happened is your brain went as far as it could go, and it thought “ho hum, we’re not going anywhere, we’re just sitting here and so I guess this isn’t going to work”. And he said but there’s the proof,” (meaning the stones, sand and sticks Mr. Ring and others had placed in their pockets while at the location they had teleported to). And he says we’ve got it on film … He explained that, and he was really very very insistent on we resonate, if you will, on the idea that we were energy, not bodies.” -end It appears to me that Mr. Carr understanding that his physical body was actually just energy at a specific resonance then was able to use his thought to activate and move the craft. Perhaps Mr. Carr had long enough exercised his thoughts to exceed the assumed physical limitations and eventually attained that capacity to operate outside of his “brain” and to utilize his spiritual thought’s potential. But I’m just working now to understand. We’re simply energy spirit and body that simply resonate at different frequencies. Spirit being the true us and the finest of resonances with out body being a less fine resonance and the machine enabling us to have a fullness of experience. Hard to explain that which consists of both thoughts and feelings.

  • http://www.fashion361.ca SCOTT ANDREW FINAN


  • http://www.freeamerican.com Clay Douglas

    I would like to talk with you about doing an interview and how I can help you get this message out. 520-413-2398.

  • josh

    any pods in costa mesa cali???

  • Abdul Franco

    hello people, I would like to learn about this material, and I was wondering if anyone has a downloadble file of the “introduction pack”?

    • Shyne

      Hello Abdul, the introduction pack is the 3 books on scribd.com that are available through the provided links above. You can also find them and other info here – http://www.clandestinedisclosure.com/Pods.html

      • Abdul Franco

        thankyou so much. I´ll take a look at the info, I want to join up to this project, so I want to prepare on the best way.

        2014-08-19 13:26 GMT-05:00 Disqus :

  • riddled

    hmmm i am not sure but i have a hunch that carr’s “dimension of mysteries” is not about his spacecraft but rather about an engine that transmutes energy of light into electric energy , why else would he be talking about turning the orange flame of the candle into blue light (electric spark) ?
    maybe it is a manual to construct his carrotto gravity engine – or has anyone found out already what that engine was supposed to be like ?

    • Krystalaimagic@gmail.com

      I can tell you how to turn the orange flame of the candle into blue light. Go to my website, crystalmagicorchestra.com and you will find the candle technique on the front page. This explains it.

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  • Matt

    Ralph you have an amazing story. Will you and can you tell us how you guys got your device to levitate. When you explain it you never state things like how fast it has to spin by measurements and how hi the Vibrations are. Explain and tell your story so people can understand it rather that have no real proof of how it is possible

    • Levi Tate

      Gyroscopic precision.
      Scroll down to find the video I posted called the antigravity wheel. If you spin the gyro heaps faster, PLUS you put an identical wheel right next to it, same size n mass but spinning at the same speed in the opposite direction, it should levitate. Bear in mind that the gyro in the video is probably spinning 100 maybe 1000 times to slow. Ralph says he doesn’t know this stuff but the information is right here on this site or directly accessible from links on this site. Otis Carr is the bloke you wanna talk to, but he’s asleep so you’re best off just reading the multitudeof his writings that are around this site. What reason do you have to call RR a liar? The man’s word is proof of possibility isn’t it? He has no reason to lie, he is not getting paid for this nor is he asking for money. I want proof of how its possible to fly an aluminium plane through a steel H-beam and steel web reinforced concrete wall of a building that’s built to withstand aircraft impacts,with the WINGS INTACT. The wings cut through those 4′ wide x 4″ thick columns like hot knife through butter. America’s top engineering professionals really should’ve asked Bin Laden for proof of how that ish is possible before letting him take credit for Bush’s work, don’t you think?

  • john

    View Otis Carr amusement ride patent. I think of was publishing more specs in a coded form. The diagram is no way an amusement ride

  • Irene and Kap

    We want to fund this project …

  • tetefather

    Hello, I would like to inquire about the pods in my area and get into contact with them. Who is the current webmaster of this website and who can help me?

  • Brian Borges

    how does the OTC-X1 rotate or how do you make the Utrons rotate? If the Utrons rotate because of the C Magnets then what causes the outer shell which has the C magnets attached to it to rotate? This sounds very similar to the way the Searl Effect Generator operates sort of, it’s kind of what I’m getting from it except the Searl Effect Generator has wires connecting each C Magnet and the OTC-X1 does not, unless it just hasn’t been applied yet in the drawings. Please clarify if possible.

  • Jeffrey Russell

    Just want to say a big Thank You to Mr. Ring for his years of effort and dedication for the freedom of this planet.

  • Robert Stoeckel

    If there’s anything I can do to help…just shout. If I can, I will!!

  • Walter Nowosad

    Pod Updated
    Wiring the OTC-X1

  • Andrew martinez

    Hey does anyone have a detailed video or something specific showing how to build maybe just a small otc x1 cause the documents didn’t do it for me. Also if you want to help develop emp cannons for civilian defense. My email is sanchezanthony244@gmail. com

    • michael
      • William Hamilton

        Hi Michael,

        My name is Will from Brisbane. Would you like to contact me at photonwill@gmail.com as I am committing my life to support positive change as Ralph and Marsha Ring have and are still doing.

        Thanks, Will

  • michael

    is anyone in the united kingdom building otc-x1. I would really like to join this great movement i have some of the plans and different ideas i have been studying ancient knowledge and have a good understanding of their way of life and now i know why tesla, otis carr, and ralph tried and are trying to get this out there for people to use i would like to talk to more people who think and feel the way i do about the things instead of watching youtube videos and reading at the moment its hard to talk to anyone about theses things it just goes over there heads i will start to build my own very soon any help would be really great.

    thank you very much ralph ring for opening my eyes to this world of
    Consciousness i feel a connection i’ve have never felt before hopefully we meet soon and can get people to do some great work.

  • Anthony Sanchez (southern Ca)

    Hi my name is Anthony Sanchez and we need serious help. For a while now I have been on a remarkable spiritual and intellectual path that has been guided by the creator or however you call it. I am only asking that you listen to me but as some of what I have learned can be dangerous within the mass populus I ask that you email me at sanchezanthony244@gmail. com. I say this to whomever the reader be that you consider listening to me because humanity is on the edge of the cliff. Environmentally we are past the point of no return. I have no power there and there is not enough time. My hope is that by the consideration of you we are able to do something before something catastrophically worse happens. By no means will this prevent the inevitable, in hopes it will lessen the blow. I am not just speaking from all the obvious little hints we receive in our daily lives, nor am I just speaking from extensive personal exhperience, I am also speaking from numerical data. I understand if you are cautious of me cause I would be too, but every other true hearted professional fears the same.
    I specifically came to this website because I have been studying fields for a long time which led me here for a short while. And let’s be honest nowhere else would I be considered. If I was born 50 years earlier my inventions could have done wonders for the world but we are 50 years too late. This might be my last plead to humanity and I don’t expect it to work but I have prayed to God that it does. I have tried to contact the state militia for California but they didn’t respond for some reason. I have also applied for research funding within a private organization, they have ignored me too and I only told them of a few possible energy devices. I wrote this because I don’t know which way to go anymore. I just can’t stand by while the world falls apart before my eyes. While everything falls in place perfectly with the great story of history. I hope some of you out there realize that the only way things will get better before they get worse is if we All come together for a change. The big guys at the top know this that’s why life nowadays has been structured to distract the populus. Because of this you and I now know it can’t be done alone. I learned that the hard way, but now we may have a sliver of a chance to preserve the ever decreasing hope of one another. Forgive me for rambling I just am trying to figure out what more I can do for us all. I don’t know, I have learned what I know for a reason and I don’t quite sure know why but I do know that I love you all and just want to let you guys know that I am trying for you. I again just don’t know the best way to approach it because anything less than the best might not be enough. I would love to build an otc x1 but there comes a time when we must strap on the boots and repair all the damage.Otherwise there might not be anything left for ourselves or our family.

    • Jonathan Cruz

      What do you mean?

      • Anthony Sanchez

        I can’t explain or discuss the plan here but put simply you,me, and everyone else have to come together. Have you realized that on this specific site almost everyone is concerned about developing this technology but alot of them try and do it themselves. Believe it or not the people on this site generally are the best prepared and educated to combat the undeniable future. I’ve spoken with a few that know what I mean by that and they feel the same. Heartbroken, forced to watch the world burn knowing that humanity as a whole has the fire extinguiser but can’t use it because we have forgotten to act as a family.
        What I’m saying John is that it’s time for a new team the protoge group of Carr’s team, but this time we will be prepared for Big brother to knock on our door. I’ve already begun the assembly.

        • Anthony Sanchez

          Theres no time to be afraid anymore. Now we’re taking their shit serious and we’re gonna beat them at their own game.
          Pardon my french,

        • Muli Enoch


  • Cheh Ymen

    my job is doing some engineering work , install machine ,something like that , this craft my make me thinking a lot a time , but now maybe i under stand the clue how it works , you all can find in fb [cheh ymen ] first word : otis

  • Alex

    Hi everyone, I am very interested on Nikola Tesla’s inventions and particularly Otis Carr (OTC-X1) is what some would agree to exchange information or experiences? Al3xAl3x48@outlook.fr

  • bloodviking

    Im not sure half of the time if you guys want to build this craft in full size or in miniture. No one seems to specify. The monumental task of building a full size craft is just overwhelming. The u trons and accumulator needs lots of aluminum. The center accumulater is 12 feet wide and tall. The outter ones are solid aluminum that are three feet tall. Hard to cnc the big parts. The thickness of the center accumulater is almost 3/4 of an inch thick. Lots of metal there that needs to be cast. Now on the small version you will not be able to control it with standard wired in controls. Mind control on a small saucer may not work as the small crystal needed isnt specified by Ralph ring or otis t. Carr. We know nothing about this final part thats vital to communicate with this craft. You are the cpu of this machine. The monk crystal ball is the translator from your pineal gland to the center accumulater. The aquamarine colors that are emitted from the accumulater to the crystal ball is light and energy. This light should control most of this crafts steering so to speak. All saucers move in eight directions. N, s, e, w, nw, ne, sw.,se, and vertical z height plus or minus for up or down. Eight directions in three dimensional space. This craft can acent from basicly throttling higher. It moves in most other directions by discharging bursts of power from the capacitor into the magnet towards the side of the craft that you ask it to move to. It is not just a teleportaion unit as thee craft will follow the instructions in series that you give. Such as raise fifty feet vertically then stay behind this in coming enegy jet.

    This crat will do one thing most craft cannot do even in the sci fi movies. It will travel through solid matter in the form of energy. Missles cannot bring this full sized craft down. Nor will an atomic bomb be able to destroy you as long as you are in light speed mode. Even in linear mode this craft can move at great speed. You will not want to use wood or bulsa wood in the full size model. Stainless steel or aluminum seem to work well. I dont like the idea of composites only as a skin as it is very weak for space travel.

    This craft will easily go to any planet within our ten or twelve planetry system. I doubt it can go to nearby star systems as even at light speed or slightly faster will never be fast enough to travel that far. It takes three years to reach the nearest neighbors in space outside of our own planetry system. The van alan belt will not prohibit this craft by radiation as this craft has a concentrated mag field. It may also hold air in this 800 foot field that sits around the craft. Which is good in case you need more air. You cannot breath in pure oxygen for very long as nasa claims. Ten to twelve hours alone can damage or kill you. Time also plays a role in how much air you will need on a space flight. Compressed bottled tanks of air can be brought on a trip to mars. They say you can breath martian air. The nasa reports on non breathable atmosphere and weather reports are false and misleading.

    I dont know if solar warden will let us stray away from this planet.

    I plan to arm my craft with a great particle beam weapon. And emp missles.

    Any more questions keep e. Mailing me guys.



  • bloodviking

    I know alot about flying saucers, ive pursued them for thirty years. Ive also been inside one. Ive interacted with a few. I know more about these angelic crafts then most ever will. Ive seen live e. t. s once. Years ago. They exist alright. There heads are huge. They have a great capacity to work there crafts by mind control because of an advanced pineal gland.

    The pineal gland sends out a silver magnetic wave invisible in most spectrums that communicates with most saucer craft through a rainbow monk type silicone crystal. Im sure thats what ralp ring spoke of. Its also in aftermarket otc x1 lititure online. Most of it coasts money through scribe. Otis t. Car wanted his material to be given out freely. Why blue enterprises goes through scribe that coasts mony to download the content. You aslo need the scribe app to get the material by otis t. Carr. All four parts are needed plus research material. I wont charge for all the paperwork i have done on this subject unless i right a book on saucers. Not alot of saucer books out there with any real info. I own a massive collection of ufo books and ebooks and videos. I share them with many of you guys by emailing the pdf books. So just email me if you want my books. I have loads of books on free energy.

    My own paper based re design of otis t. Carrs saucer like craft is much improved over his design. Mine has room for a crew of passangers. It will have manual controls also and autopilot and a full defense system inside and out. The government wont get my craft easily if at all.

    You cant go into space without enemy ships being around. Our government has been in space and on mars for over fifty years. Solar warden exists to keep e. t. Angels out and us in.

    I say f-u. To our government and military. OuterSpace should be free to all….



    • Muli Enoch


  • Muli Enoch


  • Greg Wever

    Ralph, a few questions
    1. how did you come across “The Law of One”
    2. where did you discover that which was before all
    3. how did you conceive of the vortexes
    4. and why are you charging for information, I am confused on this aspect.

  • Richard Butterfoss

    Thank you all for your work!

  • https://alwaysaskfirst.wordpress.com/ Petra Finch

    Ralph..how do I get started in freeing my mind…should I just concentrate on things that I wish to be…I am already a free spirit and want to rise above the endless rules and regulations of the physical world..please give me some guidence to start…As Eckhart Tolle says “live in the now” thanks