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Ralph Ring is one of the surviving members of a team of technicians and scientists who worked for legendary inventor, Otis T Carr. Otis Carr was a protege of Nikolai Tesla. Ralph has made himself available for interviews and appearances to discuss his own experience working on Carr’s team, and the amazing OTC-X1.

We are living in a sea of energy. —Ralph Ring

Central to our work with the pods are our efforts to re-create the OTC-X1 model and then the larger craft.

Here are some of the results of our pods:

The pods have been working diligently to re-create Otis T. Carr’s life work; the OTC-X1 flying saucer.  If you think that you might be able to either work with us or help us to fund our efforts we would be very appreciative to speak with you.

Contact our pod coordinator, Webmaster, if you want to look at working with us.

email is:  webmaster(at)bluestarenterprise(dot)com or you can leave a comment on any page of this website and he will see it.  (Private comments will not be posted publicly.)

  • Norm Lafrance

    Hi Mark, I have been looking into making my own model since about 2 years now, after seeing Ralph Ring’s plans of the OTC model in the Project Camelot site. I started to look into getting a steel lathe operator to make me some parts, however when I came across this site, I could not beleive that they where there. I always thought the utrons were filled with mercury, then as soon as a charge whent through them they would spin, and hence create lift. Anyways I am from Ontario Canada and would certainly like to help in this endeavor. I would like to participate in a local pod if there is any…if not i would like to begin one I don’t mind investing my own $ to buy parts…please get back to me with more details on how I can participate.

  • mike emdy


  • Marius Stokkeland Clausen

    Hi Ralph and co.

    Just wanna tell you that we are some people in Denmark whos following your work and we are trying to make a “Freeenergy- Lab” – Im trying to collect some of the brains which have the abillity to think out of the box – At this moment I´ve collected some very different people one atsrophysicist, one phd scientist from DtU space, a financial inventor and adventure freak, a electrician – The “lab” will be settled in Denmark – But we are at the very beginning trying to make the solutions from air circuits, magnetic generation, and of course the levitation is maybe “our sweet little child”, so to speak – Im right now reading the poem from Otis T. Carr and how beautiful it is – I think that Im pretty sure whats in between the words – And to be honest Im so delighted that my inner circles makes me feel flying about this discovering – It gives my a tremendous feeling of hope, happiness and awareness about the future –

    But I do have some interesting things to mention – You have all the time mentioned the spirits of your soul – and after a divorce I had a very difficult time, but suddenly everythings changed and I began to meditate and this “project came to me” – Really dont know why – Or maybe I do

    The circles from the top of our head, the socalled cronecenter is vibrating within 760-800 billion pr sec. it has the colour of violet/white and the outer circle has 960 straws and the inner circle has 12 “helping” straws – the outer circle turning clockwise and the inner circle the other way around – this makes a so to speak “opening” – But to get this going in your pshysical body you need to be in balance like fex. a craft

    Humans do have 7 centres who need to stay in contact to accelerate this first mentioned center –

    My educationel background is maritime – as a navigator working with young people at sailing wessels for about 10 years – trying to learn upcoming navigators to deal with the natural laws such as the wind, water/oceans, and how we as humans are able to manage the energies to force our way into the future –

    But now Im using almost all my time at this project to get it going – I would love to visit you and your work if possible –

    But anyway we are following up the work and trying to find the way as we are discovering more and more from whats around –

    Hope and good luck for you – Marius

    if – you are welcome to write to this mail address mariusstokkeland@gmail.com

  • Christopher Rocchetti

    Ralph , can I order a kit to buil a small model?

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      We don’t yet have kits to cell. We want to, but we are still working to make a model OTC-X1.

      We will make them available here when we do have kits and/or models available.


      • http://2012earthownphysicalshift2014.blogspot.com/ mika nuotio

        i like way you people really call help as everybody can help if you people let everybody to help :) right way to go.

        what i like to seen is free energy as i was seen before all ready but same time people self need to take huge step to understand more as free energy can only as integrated with people self as is not just machine what work but machine what with need to work too as intention with self needed to for better too.

        free energy is real thing but real thing is work with free energy too what is next step or step same time with free energy as what for to start not need free energy. remember as not matter people can or can not make free energy is coming to people so easier with understanding all what can best what can but without break self as own best is enough to get free energy and to work with self as to for both and soon both is needed as understand or not.

        information under is very near truth. free energy basicly free people to focus to shift to 5th physical dimension what earth do in end 2012 what is what galaxy make happen with high frequency effect what like wave from center galaxy.


        What Happens If You Do Or Don’t Ascend?

      • Jason

        How long do you think it will be before you make a kit that people con order? And is there a way that you could send me the specs/ blueprints so i could build one myself?

      • Robert

        Hi, I would like to know where I can buy the trunnion bearing for the utrons can you find out, I tryed the net but no luck. I am makeing my utrons in an egg shape (the cosmic egg from victor schauberger) because its more with nature, . Thank you

        P.S I can’t finish then until I know where I can get the trunnion bearings.

  • Christopher Blevins

    I believe I may be able to provide assistance in this matter. . . .

  • heri

    Do you have a working model to demostrate lets say a presantation to a ”Real Estate investment association” for funding of ur OTC? It would be greatly beneficial and interesting to some people with large amounts of money that actually wanna do good with their property investments. I know of one apartment building owner that lost it All by not throwing people in the streets that could not afford to live there. Thank you

  • Jason

    Also what are the abilities of the small OTC-X1 (what can it do)

  • peter

    hi can i order a set of plans of you



    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      Hi. I’m trying to keep the website working and updated whilst doing a lot of other things, so not sure what the issue might be. Please email me your desired username and password to webmaster@bluestarenterprise.com and I will set up an account for you.


  • Tara

    I would like to know the status of this project. There are people here, like myself, who are willing to help this succeed and would be interested in being updated on the progress and any obstacles that are encountered.

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      Hello Tara, Would you be interested in connecting with our pod members via skype? Let me know if you do. I’ll send you a note to your email now. I haven’t been doing very well with website updates in recent months, but there are pods working on various projects. Let’s talk and then see where you might fit in, yea? Cheers, Mark


  • lewis

    HI mark

    Hows it going? are you in Australia like me? im in Cairns, ive only come accross Ralphs work over the last two days and spend considerable time listening to his lectures..very fasinating…ive very aware of the energy that surrounds us and how we have been led down the garden path so to speak, i have read on the forums that you suggest the outback of Australia as a perfect location to progress forward with these projects and i couldnt aggree more……can you give me some indication as to where and what stage all this is at please…..as i am interested as an investor and to assist practically on ventures……whereever is needed….focused on success and for thgis planet to move forward out of the dark ages….i have also been watching Merhan Keshes technology in Plasma technology or energy again very good information…..please add me so we can chat more……



  • Baard

    Can it levitate?if not. what can be done to modify it?

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      Hello Baard,

      Ralph says that they do levitate when made properly. I’ve also talked with George Freibott who had one of the original OTC-X1 models given to him after the operations were shut down and he did have that one levitate when he spooled it up. In fact it sheered the pin that was holding it to the electric motor to spin it up on the bench. But we haven’t had anyone finish a model, yet. They are getting there. Have a look at the latest photo I uploaded on the home page to see the excellent work the guys in Australia, California and UK are doing.


  • Snowboy

    Howdy, is the materials use in this prosess essential, if its Wood or aluminium ? And is there a time estimate, when the first item is ready ?

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      Hello Snowboy,

      Ralph talks about them having used wood and aluminium. The guys in Australia are working on a wood frame model. Some of the parts are aluminium. Some parts are plastic and some are iron. Like the magnets have iron and copper. Have a look at the photo on the home page now to see what that one looks like.

      If you want to get involved with the pods let me know by email. I’m not keeping up with this site well and we are in need of someone to help keep the website more current.



  • Rolly

    I am Rolly from San Francisco, CA I have been wanting a device like this so it will be cheaper for me to travel and see my family more often. Please help me.
    I have a few questions about the craft.
    1) The C magnet. Is this material already a magnet before it is cut into the shape?
    2) What kind of metal is the C magnet?
    3) Where do I find the wiring diagram or instructions how to conect the wires?
    4) The capacitor plate. Is this a one piece and bent into shape or two parts welded together?
    5) Where can I find a plan for the 45 foot saucer?? How many C magnets does it have and the cones all together?
    6) Do I need a battery or generator to get it started turning??
    Please help.

  • Rolly

    Is there a coil inside the cones?


  • Barnacle Luffy

    Good morning Podders,

    I have no idea what my chances of success are but I can’t wait to get started. I am going to follow my intuition, dreams and information from this web site. From what I have gathered there is already a California Pod. So, I will call my efforts the Southern California Pod. I will outline here the assumptions I am making as I get started.

    It starts with Tesila’s observations of lightning.

    Then a belief that Art is not art without science, science is not science with out philosophy, philosophy is not philosophy without religion and religion is not religion without ART.

    So I want my first experiment to also be pleasing to the eye. I have decided to use the sacred cubit of 25.0265″ as a reference point. I will use a diameter of 2 SC making the radii 1 SC and the height of the main body of the craft to be the arc cut in the circumference by the strait line distance of the diameter. The bottom of the main body will be the flipped top section.

    I will stay with 12 ribbed frames. I will mount the Utrons in cubes on the rotating center disk.

    I have a “feeling” that Mr. Ring has forgotten some of the wiring but will not know until I have applied my ideas when the craft has reached that point of development. It sure would help if someone who is already set up to cast or turn
    the Utrons and capacitor plates could sell me a set. But, not a game stopper.


  • Barnacle Luffy

    Going to make the center rotating disk out of white Formica counter top and fiberglass laminated with shellac.
    If I stick to the Fibonacci number system using 2.5″ digit it makes the diameter of the disk. 40.0 inches @#8.
    Will make the Utrons 2.5″ square. and place them between #6 and #7 from center. Lowe’s sells the Formica so I will pick it up tomorrow along with a can of shellac. Will make the ribs out of cardboard and shellac laminate.
    Since 25.0265″ is one 10,000,000th of the radius of the earth from the pole to center, I am hoping to find resonance at 10,000,000 Hz. Drew the shape out on the floor and it was pleasing to at least my eye.

    Will, let you know how it progresses,

    • Arran

      Hi Barnacle, I’m new to this site and I hope that I’m not out of line here but I was just wondering if you had considered using organic materials instead of Formica and fibreglass, as these man made substances wont contain the sacred geometry deep within their cells and may not respond well to the frequencies in play here, just a thought. I look forward to following your progress… Thanks mate

  • Arran

    I am posting this comment in here because there doesn’t seem to be any other way of posting in any other page, so I apologize in advance.

    Hi all, firstly I would like to express how excited I am to be connecting with likeminded beings such as yourselves, thankyou to all at BlueStarEnterprises for making this possible. Secondly, I would like to put it out there that if there are any people in the Melbourne Australia area, I would love to hear from you as I am about to start a 24″ model and would be very interested in collaborating with people in person to share ideas and to assist each other in realising the full potential of this gift that has been given to us all by Tesla, Ottis, Ralph and everyone else involved. I have no doubts that between us all, we can make this happen.



  • Wayne James

    hi all, i been working with tesla’s stuff quite a bit of late (theoretical at present) and i think we could both help each other here, i been playing with tesla’s dynamic theory of gravity and i think i found it, i’ve successfully calculated, earth/moon, mars and venus’s gravity with no help from newtonian physics used in it and was wondering if there is anybody i could chat to about this, for some pointers as to speak, in return im willing to help you build this U.K. version, im a trained electrical engineer with further studies in the sciences (physics, chemistry, biology) generally the right line to be of much use to you. i know a lot of tesla’s designs and why there a specific shape.

    if this is of interest to you boys and girls please drop me an email i’d be delighted to get into this a little deeper.

    kind regards

    • colas

      Hi Wayne James, could we speak by e-mail?

  • Mil Krecu

    Hello Everyone,
    I’m in The Southern California area and would like to help with the project also. I have some technical abilities and tools. Good luck and Godspeed.

  • Mohammed

    Greetings Ralph et. el. I was reading about your project on Peswiki and spent some time researching your group’s history. I don’t mean to be a kill-joy but why do you think the powers that be will allow you to continue and develop this device again? They shut you down once before. Nothing has changed politically or with the monetary system. As far as I can tell, the powers that be are still murdering alternative energy researchers. The only model for development that can possibly work for you is to make your project open source and share your information openly on the web so that if something happens to you or your key people, the technical information is still available on the Internet for others to continue. If the plans are available, I didn’t see them on your site. I watched several interviews with you and the technical information you provided on how this craft flies is very sketchy. Is all this information going to vanish again into another urban myth if your project is stopped, or are you going to share it with humanity so that it won’t be lost again? I would recommend posting all the drawings and details on several sites and keep them updated so that they can be reproduced. I will be keeping a close eye on your project. All the best.

  • Daniel

    Hi all,
    I have found this technical paper which I think quite describes the physics behind the OTC-X1:
    Hope you find it useful.
    Best regards

  • Netzarim

    What would be the magnetic orientation of the Utron? I suspect from my understanding of scalar magnetics that this will be key to getting a functional device. The interactions of the flux lines are and their densities are going to be very important to warping time-space and creating/nullifying gravity waves among other things.. Angle of interaction, flux pressure and density, direction of flux, polarity spin, all of it are going to play together. You may be surprised at the window that opens…

  • Robert

    hi ,my is name Robert I also live in southern cal. L.a. do you close. let me know . thank you

  • peter

    hi is Ralph coming to the UK again Mark were i could meet up with him

  • Carl Engelmayer

    I have been watching a lot of YouTube clips on the otcx1 spacecraft and the interviews and think wow if this tech is true but I am a sceptic as in today’s world we are so tech advanced that I don’t understand why a working craft is not on YouTube to prove that the claim is true facts not a fantacy, in stead I can find lot of failed clips of attempts of the X1 craft, if they made them in 1950’s why are we struggling now to recreate this awesome crafts. I am very interested in being apart of something like this but real prove mean a lot to me not some old dudes story’s. Cheers Carl

  • scott

    Mohammed, you’re totally right. May I ask, what happened to the original OTC-X1’s plans? Don’t the people who worked on that aircraft atleast know how it was constructed? I find it troublesome that this project has taken this long. I’m not bashing all the efforts…just asking…what’s going on?

  • Stefan

    Hey Ralph, is there any chance i could buy a couple outer utrons for tests to creating the otc x1? Because i cant find a place to buy utrons. You can contact me at my email. I put my email on the email box before replying. Sorry if its confusing but i couldnt find a better way to word it.

  • Stefan M.

    Hey Ralph. I want to conduct an experiment with the utrons! But i dont know where you got your utrons. Could you kindly tell me where you got them?
    Stefan M.

  • Stefan M.

    Hey again. On my previous question i forgot to say that you can contact me at my email if you need to.
    Thanks again,
    Stefan M.

  • Stash

    Seems to me that you should hook up with John Searl. http://www.searlsolution.com/

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      Ralph and Marsha met up with John Searl when they went to the BEM conference in Holland. You can see a video of their meeting with John in the UK after the conference on this website.

  • Ray bellanger

    Things are changing all over, haven’t you heard of the people of OPPT and what they have done, we are free of the corporate structure, they have to rebiuld or come clean with the people!
    Keep smiling!!!

  • Aaron

    I agree Mohammed: Open Source is REMEDY.

    We are fortunate to have Ralph Ring et al with us.

    Ancient history shows us Earth had and used this knowledge. Something nasty happened – the thousands of destroyed pyramids and megaliths are proof of fact.

    We are on the edge of the abyss and it’s time to remember how to fly.

    I’ve been searching for people without the authoritarian-money-phile parasite.

    I think we have found them…

    How do I find a Pod of these Good BE’ings near Paris, France?

    May Peace Prevail on Earth

  • http://OPPTNLwww.kennisgevingvrijemens.nl Pythagoras

    He Ralph!

    From the start of OPPT, i have quit my job as Application Engineer and i am not paying anything anymore for 8 months now. The Courtesy Notice works great! Helping much Dutch People now.
    Because i am in my heart an Engineer, im now ready to pick up this awesome project. I have the funds and machine shops to build the OTC. I am waiting for the working specs to build one.

    Thank you!!!

    My love, Namaste

    • bobby

      Hi there if you are interested i can send you my booklet on this subject, it is a complete understanding of energy – written in simple languages easy for a teenager to understand, it took me over 15 years to get to where i am now.
      I can point to where Teslas, Carrs, Leedscalnin’s errors are!….ITS SO EASY!
      And amongst many other things i have a blueprint for …a device that is both a flying and time skipping device

      • Francisco Beukes

        Hi Bobby Love what you are doing here. – Any help will be much appreciated. I believe we can break the barriers soon. If possible can you plese send me that booklet as well to nerolink@yahoo.com. Thanks Francisco

        • Albert Njenga

          hi bobby..please upload the planns on dropbox for us to see.thanks

          • Boris Pilipenko

            I’m still trying to figure out how do this, can someone please let me know how to use drop box Thanks

          • Albert Njenga

            no need for dropbox…just use mediafire.com and click on the upload button

      • Francisco Beukes

        Hi Bobby Love what you are doing here. – Any help will be much
        appreciated. I believe we can break the barriers soon. If possible can
        you plese send me that booklet as well to nerolink@yahoo.com. Thanks

      • Phil

        Hi Bobby
        It sounds very great. I’m also very interested in your booklet!! If possible can
        you plese send me that booklet as well to kaphil@me.com. Thanks a lot

      • Albert Njenga

        hi bobby..please upload the planns on dropbox for us to see. much appreciated

  • Adam Peterson

    I don’t think the above pictures of the center accumulator is right. i have been reading study some interviews with carr and he does say that the center accumulator is hollow. and thoughts on this?

  • Adam Peterson

    Sorry for my last post and the horrid spelling the comment box is not the greatest. I would also like to comment on the capacitor plates I see and how they are put on. If you follow what a capacitor does then theoretical they should be connected to the center accumulator. Since the center accumulator should be hollow with a copper magnet wire winding on the inside the leads towards the center should be connected to one of the capacitor plates. That’s all my thought for now.

  • Adam Peterson

    another thought in some of the notes i saw mghZ. never heard of that, any thoughts?

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  • specialsource

    I believe the model that is being worked on and by the looks of it abandoned is a Diorama more than anything else. This also includes the “Amusement Device”. You cannot build a functional device without all the parts. This includes the Linear Coil w/ parallel capacitors which is to be housed inside the centrel accumulator. Additionally there also appears to be a amplifier or conductor type device that rests between the outer Utrons and C Shaped magnets. And one cannot forget the Van De Graff generator used to accelerate charged particles may be in combination with the vortex coil. Send me an email if you would like to collaborate…I am no electrical engineer but much like Otis Carr I do have common sense. truthserum777 at gmail.com

    • bobbyp

      Hello, how can i post my article for download here, i have something to share. Thanks

  • yareol

    I wuld suggest a supplier for the gearbox to connect to the motor that must make in contra-rotation the central disk and the electro-magnets. You can have a look at this link: http://www.zero-max.com/three-right-angle-gearbox.html

  • (Mex)

    In Response to webmaster, regarding the sale of kits:
    Do you thinks its a good idea to produce a commercial quantity of these things and sell them to people who, apparently, have no idea how they work and give the impression that they want make a fast buck off them? (eg. retired, technical writer, electronics? Should’nt they have a fair idea of how “they”, Texas Instruments, can make a device from the images on the homepage?)
    There’s some people on here that are seemingly unwilling to do any research, do any practical experimenting, or contribute any ideas or knowledge of their own. Some are even skeptical, they don’t trust the word of Ralph Ring or Otis Carr, God bless him, but they want to (IMHO) “cash in” on their word and the FREE ENERGY technology. If they want a free ride, give them a bicycle or at least a pair of shoes.
    These engines, when fully developed, will litterally be capable of turning EXCREMENT or in fact, anything, the material Aether itself into GOLD. In 2012, the USA purchased A BILLION ROUNDS of ammunition. PLEASE don’t let these people have God’s things, God will approve those who are worthy, only when they apply themselves and achieve their own success.

  • Craig

    i cannot see how it is going to accumulate any energy, the the outer utrons have nobbly bits on the end and the central accumulator has the top chopped off. It’s all about the dimensions, immitating natures ratios (phi) the same way the pyramids did. It is my understanding that dimensions in nature resonate with zero point energy, Carr said on the radio the smallest photograph taken of human cells were square in shape (utron shaped) and i think he was suggesting that this is how zero point energy or prana is brought into our bodies from the field…and he was just copying that. The closer to nature the better it will accumulate. I reckon you could do away with the nobbly bits on the outer utrons and fit the two points into the bearings, that would be a remarkably better resonator. Im not sure why the top of the central accumulator has been decapitated but you gotta find a way to keep its shape if you can. I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason progress has came to a halt because it either wasn’t working at all or at low performance. I with this 100 percent and i think the work you guys are doing is amazing. im hoping you havent been spooked because nobody is talking but if its because its not working lets open this up because even if you have lost faith in it there are many of us who recognize what we are seeing here :) much love!

  • Andrew Gts

    There are 4 parts to the ship. The upper half (looks like a bowl only upside down) and then there is the middle two stator plates(coil plates) each spins opposite of one another and is adjustable in speed(magnetically) so u can turn, then there is the bottom half of the ship, again a bowl. Only this part stores the water which,with the use of the solar energy collectors on the roof, mix with the 45 degree magnetically induced field that the opposing turning stator discs(in the Centre,on the equator of the ship,like Carr’s design, only he left out the opposing lower (2nd) stator discount/generator disc) generate. These equator discount plates(coil plates) turn opposite of one another. This not only controls thrust via spin but also power,light,noise via speed and light all at once, equally, evenly, naturally. Sun collector and reactor and control room(for two typically:one male,one female:equals but opposite) are all the top(upside down bowl), the opposing plates(generator discs coils) in middle, and collectors inside the water tank”bowl”on the bottom. Completed, looks like a egg cut in half but not separated. I suspect the ship actually resembles a Tesla coil torus, seeing as how the fields need to flow naturally via sacred Geometry. Then,of course, you add things like a radio, comm station,means to see so u don’t crash into other objects, etc. Personalize it like a normal vehicle. Good luck,hope this helps. It WILL work!! Build it!! It’s also a form of continuous and permanent power. Can only be used by people of pure mind and heart. It’s our own energy that activates it so make a palm pad like…like in that movie Total Recall. This is how u fly and steer it. By thought.

  • Andrew Gts

    P.S. The schematic I see has 3 stator disc’s. One clockwise moving, one counter clockwise and a third wich is adjustable to either direction enabling u to steer etc. PEACE

  • Andrew Gts

    The ship is made originally of pure gold, high grade aluminum, silver(not lead),copper, wood and the world’s BEST magnets, also glass and silicon and bronze.

  • Andrew Gts

    If u need a diagram or schematic just Google Ancient Egyptian jewelry or artifacts…they worship the three gods: Earth the Sun(Son) and everything in between= us!!

  • Austin Tate

    Y’all can stop Poor People from having to struggle So Much. Thank You from Austin Tate in Drummonds Tennessee

  • Goa

    The trunions pictured above were 3D printed by liquidbuddha.studios. If anyone needs trunions feel free to contact me at http://www.liquidbuddha.com (use the contact form). Cheers.

  • John Conner
    • christoph brand

      please share this vido on another platform – in germany (where i´m from) it is not availabe because any GEMA – controlled and forbidden music content is reason to hide from publik playing

      “unfortunately, this video is not available in your country because it could contain music from UMG, for which we could not agree on conditions of use with GEMA
      … a very bad joke

    • christoph brand

      … problem solved …
      install yt unblocker from this website (firefox addon)
      call embedd yt-code : https://youtu.be/od3xsHHNBI8
      play in separate tab
      and enjoy the video

      … but … i didn´t see it flying … :(

  • John Conner

    How can I obtain the otc -x1 pod parts