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Ralph Ring is one of the surviving members of a team of technicians and scientists who worked for legendary inventor, Otis T Carr. Otis Carr was a protege of Nikolai Tesla. Ralph has made himself available for interviews and appearances to discuss his own experience working on Carr’s team, and the amazing OTC-X1.

We are living in a sea of energy. —Ralph Ring

July, 2012


Ralph and Marsha Ring OSWEGO Interview, July 24, 2012

Ralph Ring KnewWays Interview

Dear Ralph/Walter, How are you doing?  Hope u r always surrounded by full of energy, strength, and best of healthiness of all n given by our god of the universe  (^^,)  `  How’s the pod?  It has one left to go to install that consciousness of the pod’s engine, so it will communicate in human ... More >>>

i can not find a new potupdate video,,so,,,,can someone tell me please

Hello, My name is Manny, It is such an honor to finally speak with you  I’ve been following your work for a while now and I had some questions for you if I may ask them? Please forgive my ignorance, I am but a simple layman curious about the laws of nature and it being mixed with scientific engineering  The ... More >>>