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Ralph Ring is one of the surviving members of a team of technicians and scientists who worked for legendary inventor, Otis T Carr. Otis Carr was a protege of Nikolai Tesla. Ralph has made himself available for interviews and appearances to discuss his own experience working on Carr’s team, and the amazing OTC-X1.

We are living in a sea of energy. —Ralph Ring

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For the time being we are using the comments field below this post to collect questions for Ralph Ring. In a creative effort to respond to the very good questions coming in Walter Nowosad has generously offered his services to video interview Ralph Ring and other individuals of interest to those gathering here. Watch Walter’s intro video here:

Walter travelled to meet with Ralph and Marsha Ring in Arizona. Here is his July 2011 update:

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  • susan bradfield

    Greetings~ This is more accurately directed to Marsha, whom I met at the Dowsers meeting a month or so ago in Redding. I spoke to her of a woman Astrid Ganz who had recently relocated from the Blue Ridge mountains back east. Her husband,, Peter Calhoun, recently crossed over.Now Astrid is living up in Prescott AZ. When I met you both I was struck with what kindred spirits you were. I felt that Astrid and Marsha would find much in common and have good laughs together. On the hopeful chance that this reaches Marsha, here is Astrid’s phone number 928-445-1594. She does not use the computer a great deal. That is part of why I am the one doing this correspondence. As you read my words you will feel the sincerity in them. I will now release this to the divine for action. Blessings and well being in all that you do. Namaste’ Susan Bradfield

  • Dr Christopher Powell, D.C

    Thank you for your passion and efforts to raise the consciousness of humanity. It’s time to wake up to the fact that Heaven is a state of consciousness and not a destination…

  • http://azaminow.bravesites.com/page-2 Dana & Crystle Salisbury

    Blessings Ralph and Marsha:

    My inner being needed to make contact with you. Not at this time knowing why but I am reaching out. Maybe my writing will connect with you and we will know why. http://azaminow.bravesites.com/page-2

    With Love,

    Dana & Crystle Salisbury

  • http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=82904351&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile Pamela Hope DeLuca

    Dear Ralph,

    I just watched your youtube video:
    Ralph and Marsha Ring : Anti-gravity and conscious awareness

    I recently had a hypnosis session for past life regression. In this session, I went off the planet and was saying things that I had no knowledge of, as Pamela. The energy that came through me was so strong, I could barely contain it in my physical body. I could feel the electricity in the middle of my body and through my arms. If the facilitator touched me, she would get a shock. I felt electrified.

    I have a recording of this session…and said things that are seemingly confirmed in your video. About seeing people in bubbles..and having a fine membrane around each person that contained all the energies close to the human form, etc.

    I won’t bore you with this…I am just telling you this so you understand why I am feeling so drawn to you.

    I live in NJ and would like so much to meet you and Marsha and perhaps become part of your organization.

    is that possible?

    God Bless You as you remind me of who I am. I am getting plenty of reminders lately, but it seems there can never be enough! hahaha

    Much Loving Light,




  • http://terra999.com todd

    Hi TO: Ralph n Marsha
    I recently watched your popular video.
    I emailed 2 emails to bluestarinfo@mail.com regarding your stated need of a webmaster and possibly being friends
    “in some capacity a 5 min chat on the phone is something I’ve DREAMED of for years”
    I do apologize for the disjointeded ness of my emails.
    this text form of communicating is quite crappy/limited.

  • Anna

    Dear Ralph,

    I like to learn more about Tesla. I am living in California Irvine. I recently discover a template in our genetic. Although I am not technically oriented, i felt it would be a delighted experience for us to discuss the nature of the spirituality. (Please do not publish this private message for Ralph) I thank you for your time.


  • Terris and Ramona Webb

    Greetings, Ralph, Marsha and friends….
    We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing love you are sharing across the planet. My husband and I watch your videos and listen to your radio segments and feel very drawn to the energy you and your wife present. You have touched our hearts and moved us beyond words. We have a burning desire to help liberate in any way we can. We can feel that ultimate freedom rests with the expansion of our consciousness, individually and collectively. We feel that our vision of peace and love on this planet is in alignment with the energy that you share so openly. My husband and I have been asking for signs from Source as to how we can best assist in this great transition of the planet and I was sitting at the gas station this morning, my thoughts consumed with your locations and kind of in a pondery as to whether to send you a letter and I look up and across the way and the first word I see is Paradise on the side of a semi-truck. So I was inspired to send you and Marsha a note asking for whatever advice you can give. We’ve been considering relocation physically to be near these energies we are so drawn to. We send you love and light and the biggest bear hugs for all that you do. May your hearts feel the embrace of our love and appreciation! We hope to connect with you in the moment that flows. Until then, peace and love be with you.

  • Someone

    Walter and Ralph,
    are you sure you should disclose certain information, like “indXian resXerve”, “we still have prototypes & blueprints”? Also, haven’t checked it out yet but is the Keshe foundation maybe producing what you did?

    All shall be well.

  • j.penny

    Anyone looking to form a pod in Durham Area, North East England.
    Please contact me

  • pete spencer

    i apologize for attaching this to your comments, but I was unable to get through using the email address i had for you.

    Hello Ralph and Marsha

    Yesterday i became aware of the energy collecting and levitational capabilities of a june bug’s wing casing. Upon seeing it I recognised a likeness between the grid like construction of the casing and that of a butterfly wing. I have often observed that despite the seemingly impractical size of the flight surfaces of a butterfly they demonstrate the ability to fly into the wind without being swept away. WOW! ……….. they create their own gravitational bubble!

    The next youtube clip i watched, was of your interview with project camelot. and I felt immense recognition of your experience with the flying craft. That the technology worked in a type of morphogenetic field with the user. The user had to be operating at a higher level of consciousness to be able to operate it.

    This explained the often cited criticism that the devices could not be duplicated by others;

    I saw a recent clip of Donald L Smith in which a man hoping to duplicate his machine, came to the stage and asked to put a meter upon the output. As he walked past the inventor, his meter showed a blip of energy and although he immediately noted it, no more was said and they carried on with trying to read the output of the machine.

    Last night, I felt that a huge light had gone on within me and I wrote the following on my facebook page;

    Pete Spencer I hope that this might be a useful resource, plenty of anecdotal evidence.http://www.rexresearch.com/feg/feg1.htm

    The truth has always been out there, we just had to become aware to look for it.

    We need to raise our personal consciousness to allow this technology to manifest and become real, it is an act of co-creation.

    Our success depends upon our personal spiritual development, only after we have raised the level of our consciousness will we understand that what we call reality, is actually an experience of which we have complete control.

    This new technology requires our belief and our knowing. It has to be produced from a position of love in order for it to manifest itself for the betterment of Gaia and all that depend upon her.

    It is our responsibility, now that we understand the situation, to ensure that we create awareness of the masses. The existence of free energy needs to be made viral. It provides us with an easily understood topic that doesn’t need to delve into esoteric matters or all the other subjects that allow people to disregard and ignore the truth.

    WE CAN PROVE THAT THIS TECHNOLOGY HAS BEEN PURPOSELY SUPPRESSED to perpetuate the control of a few at the expense of all life upon earth. Once people understand this, it will lead to the upliftment of the mass consciousness.
    This technology is our key to unlock humanity from its current enslavement and limitation. When we all become aware of the prison we have created for ourselves we will be free to enter a new paradigm of expansion and possibility.

    This morning I came across another youtube clip in which you discussed pure magnetism dated 13th Oct 2013. To say that synergy was at play would seem to be an understatement. As within this you talk about your understanding how a bee is able to fly through resonance created inside the bee by the beating of its wings and creation of a gravitational bubble.

    I became aware of our global problem about 3 years ago, I have since experienced a gradual upliftment of my own consciousness which i am pleased to say seems to be finally bearing some fruit. I write this email in recognition of your contribution to this and my desire to thank you for your selfless service to mankind.

    As you may have understood from my face book post. I am currently working with a view to raise mass consciousness and i am working with many like minded individuals to publicise the suppression of free energy technologies globally. we are collectively trying to mass produce the QEG unit.

    However, I am from an engineering and product design background and in all honesty, this unit is noisy expensive and difficult to make safe. I am therefore looking at alternatives and trying to understand why it seems so difficult to duplicate results, hence my excitement at understanding the idea of morphogenetic fields and raised consciousness.

    I became very excited to hear that your technology exists and when the time is right it can be released. May I be so bold to ask if you feel we are at the correct point yet? my intuition is telling me that the situation is much improved in certain parts of the globe and i am in contact with people that would be extremely interested to discuss these potentials with yourself.

    If so i would be very interested to discuss what could be arranged. I leave the rest to you, if this is meant to happen now, it will happen and if it doesn’t? Well, i think that you and all of your associates have done a marvellous job for humanity and I look forward to the release as and when you feel it is the right time.

    love and deep respect pete

  • Boris

    Hello all, You are all DEAR:
    Ralph, Marsha and everyone involved – how many of all of you gave me
    those necessary bits of what i understand now! I’m very grateful!

    Thank you.

    My name is Boris, 39 y.o, borne in Ukraine but spent most of my
    life in US and 3 in Costa Rican mountains. I never set my foot in college.
    After over 10 years of researches i came to a complete and total
    understanding of UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLE upon which a scaled down MODEL
    OF UNIVERSAL ENERGY FLOW CAN BE BUILT – that will be a much simpler
    model then that of Carr, there is not a single moving part in it and it DOES include a SPHERICAL CRYSTAL BALL AT THE DEAD CENTER OF IT, …it’s so simple it hurts, along with this (i have it written in a small, 40 page booklet that i titled Universe For Dummies :) i include some drawings in it too. With this complete! theory understanding of how Eduard Leedskalnin
    built his Coral Castle in Florida, or how “Egiptians” did it and other people all over this planet – becomes clear and leaves no doubt of it’s only way to accomplish according to so many little tid bits supporting and adding to the WHOLE.
    Also like in a huge picture puzzle many OTHER peaces in it not only stop sounding not absurd, but actually find a place in it to complete and compliment the WHOLE THEORY – rather than become another ping pong to toss around that contradicts with everything else – and
    has no place in the “understanding” – some of them are: Hollow Earth theory, Inner Sun, NON-existance of electron, time travel/telepotration, becoming invisible/walking through “matter” along with the absurdness of what “matter” is, “reincarnation” and “karma” and many many more subjects interestingly which are so unwelcome into the phycoentiffic world of ours …as if someone purpously took ONE TRUTH, divided it into many little peaces and keeps on telling us they are all UN-scientiffic…but to explain the whole truth will take me less then 30 minutes.
    My researches include people like Tesla and Carr, Leedskalnin,
    Victor Shauberger, John Hutchinson, Prof. Grebnikov, Prof Golod and mamy more, little they realise they all tried to get closer to a “blueprint” that is my understanding of how energy “likes” to be.
    On top if that my booklet includes healthcare subject as a part of a whole – what is energy for humans, why do we get sick, what our friend – our intestinal flora is and what happens to it in our “civilized” world and ultimately – how to live (in this frequency octave) a couple of hundred years!
    Please help me fulfill my “destiny”…
    “Truth will set you free” only in harmony with others – lets get on it!
    Kind regards to all

  • Regan Cathey

    Hello, I wish to learn more about consciousness, that you speak of.
    Please, How may I learn more.

  • Miguel Verduzco

    I would want to know for sure this is a real website and that is safe My name is Miguel. My Email is vtecteg7@gmail.com

  • michael

    is anyone in the united kingdom building otc-x1. I would really like to join this great movement i have some of the plans and different ideas i have been studying ancient knowledge and have a good understanding of their way of life and now i know why tesla, otis carr, and ralph tried and are trying to get this out there for people to use i would like to talk to more people who think and feel the way i do about the things instead of watching youtube videos and reading at the moment its hard to talk to anyone about theses things it just goes over there heads i will start to build my own very soon any help would be really great.

    thank you very much ralph ring for opening my eyes to this world of
    Consciousness i feel a connection i’ve have never felt before hopefully we meet soon and can get people to do some great work..


  • Coincidence Cafe

    Does Ralph still dive? I met an amazing crew of 20-30 divers on an Amtrak trip from Chicago to San Francisco on 4/1 – 4/3/16 in his age range that have been diving together for decades – some as long as their college years back in the 60’s / 70’s. They all got on in Truckie, CO and were bound for a celebration for one of their members somewhere along the route to SF. These folks do 3 – 5 trips (or more) per year, with each including multiple dives. My understanding from Carol (the woman diver who sat next to me) was that most live in the California to Colorado area. So, I figured if he was, this crew would be known to him. Asking because this connection, if it exists, has a synchronistic meaning for me for which I’m looking to confirm. Much appreciation for considering my query.