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Ralph Ring is one of the surviving members of a team of technicians and scientists who worked for legendary inventor, Otis T Carr. Otis Carr was a protege of Nikolai Tesla. Ralph has made himself available for interviews and appearances to discuss his own experience working on Carr’s team, and the amazing OTC-X1.

We are living in a sea of energy. —Ralph Ring

Dear Ralph/Walter,

How are you doing?  Hope u r always surrounded by full of energy, strength, and best of healthiness of all n given by our god of the universe  (^^,)  `  :)

How’s the pod?  It has one left to go to install that consciousness of the pod’s engine, so it will communicate in human brain consciousness. We need to install that micro-processor on the engine energy device when it generates electricity. The microprocessor is called biomimetics or biomimicry and the option crystal ball.  That micro-processor it acts or is like a human brain. Once it is installed, we may need an option crystal ball hooked up to the microprocessor so when it lights up, it sends electrostatic light wave signal data needed input waiting for a consciousness command to commandeer the engine. Let’s say if the body aluminum sheet skin is mixture with element crystal then we don’t need crystal ball. But I know when Otis built a small model prototype pod, crystal ball was not needed when he showed you when it was activated to levitate and turned into jello and other 1 model become invisible when Otis commandeer (with his thoughts) the small prototype pod model while is in the air levitating.  I have no idea if he installed or not that “biomimetics or biomimicry microprocessor”.  If that microprocessor is installed then we don’t need crystal ball.  It’s hard to tell because I’ve seen some alien UFO when their door got opened, inside UFO there was a bright light inside. To Lt. Col. Philip J Corso, it didn’t say there was crystal ball to light up, there was an integrated circuits and that could be the biomimetic/biomimicry microprocessor integrated circuits.  To David Adair’s interviewed is microprocessor also, it has a biomimetics or biomimicry microprocessor installed, so when a pilot sits inside, their thought waves (brain consciousness) drives the engine.

I don’t know how to install that biomimetic or biomimicry microprocessor. I hope some of your engineer or electronic engineers know how to read/pinpoint for every leg pins of that microprocessor’s description how to install.  Try to remember how did Otis make the engine become symbiotic ready to communicate to brain consciousness. You have to make a research around where to buy that biomimetic/biomimicry microprocessor.  I’m searching around too.  Don’t listen to other people if they are trying to let you down. I know this pod really work. If you have a time to watch video in you tube, just watch in my youtube site too in regards to our prototype pod.

Ok, see you again and hope this time someday it will work. Enjoy!!!  L♥ve ya uncle.


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  • yareol

    From what I could understand there is no need of any particular device to interface the mind with the engine, it is the direct interaction with the energy generated by the central utron to make possible to drive the flying saucer without any other special device.

  • (Mex)

    Hey yareol,
    You first have to produce the an energy Sinewave thThese machines are not just useful as transport btw.
    THink of it as being a differential in a car. If you have the driving wheels off the ground and the box is in neutral, you turn the right wheel forward and the left wheel turns backwards. However, when you are driving the car around a corner, both wheels are percieved to be rotating forwardly at different speeds. Effectively, they are rotating in opposing directions unless you are driving in a dead straight line. Theorettically, as far as the diff is concerned, straight line driving is physically the same the same the vehicle being stationary. That’s the Zero point my friend, the wheels are also at the zero point when the diff is, truly. The true center of a rotational movement in any physical object does not move.

  • Just another seeker

    Let me help, the size of the crystal, type of crystal, and frequency that it generates, all has to be considered. Now, using a frequency generator, one must 1st learn the frequencie(s)..the combinations. We have 2 vocal chords, and one can learn how to sing perfect 444 hertz, with one voval chord a direct hit, the other an octive higher, but same chord. Thats how the 2 brothers at Nan Madol did it, it took the 2 of them to use all 4 vocal chords, so it must be a combo of base 3 chords, with 3 upper octave ones,. Tesla said” once one understands 3.6.9., they understand everything. I feel he was coding solfeggio’s at 444 hertz?

  • Just another seeker

    440 hz is a non natural frequency, used by Germany to subdue the people into submission. The USA, entire globe adopted 440 h, now. One must 1st tune to 432, then 528, and come out with 444 hertz using a Kork, guitar tuner. Then learn how to match your voice to the chords, then eventually speak in the frequencies , then you cut right through peoples denial, programming, into thier true conciousness, for 432 hetz IS THE SOUND OF THE UNIVERSE.

  • Just another seeker

    NOW i AM BIGGER TROUBLE, then I was yesterday. They cannot harm me, they cannot control me, they can only kill me, yet my conciousness and soul are eternal. I would NEVER use what I am gifted with for HARM, unless, they come for me, anyone I love or you the people. I HAVE ALLOWED them to spy on me in every aspect, except mind mapping, that I forbid and block. I now walk directly into thier den’s, into thier Synogogues, with a bring it on attitude. Un Like the 40 spies, the giants I see, and thier kingdoms, DONT frighten me. Now I am going for my surveyor, who I have allowed to watch my every move..( almost). As Rick said last episode, ” they sure are going to feel stupid, when they realize they are messing with the wrong people”.

  • (Mex)

    Response to “Just another seeker”: “Dimensions of Mystery” is an Excellent read. When you acheive perfect pitch they are powerless to stop you, try as they may. We should discuss this further in private, have you heard of Waste?

  • Panos Rousopoulos

    Hello Ralf
    If i only had a garage, l would embarg building such a flying
    saucer in real scale………..

    best regards