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Ralph Ring is one of the surviving members of a team of technicians and scientists who worked for legendary inventor, Otis T Carr. Otis Carr was a protege of Nikolai Tesla. Ralph has made himself available for interviews and appearances to discuss his own experience working on Carr’s team, and the amazing OTC-X1.

We are living in a sea of energy. —Ralph Ring

Click on the image below or this link to open up a pdf copy of Viktor Schauberger’s manuscript: Implosion, The Path of Natural Entergy.  (You can also right-click and choose:  “Save As” to save the pdf version of this document to your computer.)

  • Joe A. Izen, Jr.

    I am interested in Viktor Schauberger’s implosion technology devise.

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      Me, too! I was working with someone who said that they have made a third generation working prototype, but then he kind of disappeared. One of our new pod members in London is working with a fellow in Croatia who purportedly is working with repulsines. We are working on establishing a relationship with him and bring him into the pods if possible.


  • http://livsvatten.se stefano

    I would also learn more about the technology. I work with water and I find this very interesting.