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Ralph Ring is one of the surviving members of a team of technicians and scientists who worked for legendary inventor, Otis T Carr. Otis Carr was a protege of Nikolai Tesla. Ralph has made himself available for interviews and appearances to discuss his own experience working on Carr’s team, and the amazing OTC-X1.

We are living in a sea of energy. —Ralph Ring

ATS-Above-Top-SecretRalph Ring’s latest interview with “Johnny Anonymous” at Above Top Secret (ATS) can be found here:


And thanks to the generosity of Johnny Anonymous and the Above Top Secret (ATS) Live people we have an edited version of the ATS interview here:


Thanks again to you Johnny for making the interview possible.

See the ATS Live, Above Top Secret website:



  • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

    I don’t see that you can hear the interview, yet. It looks like there may be a delay before they post archive interviews.

  • johnnyanonymous

    Hello, yes there is a delay in the postings of the interview, as soon as I get a copy of the interview segment, I’ll make it available to you Mark and the website.

    It was a ‘grand’ interview, Ralph never disappoints.. and this is while he was still under the weather, what a great bit of motivation for all of us..

    It may take as long as a week before I get a copy from the producers, but I’ll be sure you get it ASAP.

    Johnny Anonymous
    Co-Host ATS Live