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Ralph Ring is one of the surviving members of a team of technicians and scientists who worked for legendary inventor, Otis T Carr. Otis Carr was a protege of Nikolai Tesla. Ralph has made himself available for interviews and appearances to discuss his own experience working on Carr’s team, and the amazing OTC-X1.

We are living in a sea of energy. —Ralph Ring

Ralph Ring & Marsha Brown

Who is Ralph Ring?

Ralph Ring is one of the surviving members of a team of technicians and scientists who worked for legendary inventor, Otis T Carr. Ralph has made himself available for interviews and appearances to discuss his own experience working on Carr’s team.

Carr, with his team, developed an anti-gravitic spacecraft based upon direct tutoring he received from Nikolai Tesla.

Otis Carr's OTC-X1
Otis Carr’s OTC-X1


Carr learned many secrets from Tesla, and much has been lost to time, but there are those here now, through this website who are re-discovering the secrets from Carr’s own mysterious writings, and his patented drawings.

Carr was ultimately shut down by the US government, who asserted that Carr was attempting to overthrow the monetary system. “Cease and desist your operations… We’re terminating your project due to the threats it poses to the international monetary system.”

Video Interview – Project Camelot


Ralph’s research assistant and best friend, Marsha Brown.
Ralph’s research assistant and best friend, Marsha Brown.
Walter M. Nowosad, Jr. with Ralph RIng. Walter’s website is http://clandestinedisclosure.com

From out of the past comes the re-birthing of our true heritage:
Free and Abundant Energy forever, for All Mankind.

  • http://gamblefh@gmail.com Fred Gamble

    for the past year it feels like something’s been pullingme too this free energy idea. then I came across on YouTube your video speaking about magnetism I would love to learn more please if you can get back at me. gamblefh@ gmail.com

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    I needed about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

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  • scraw

    Hello, I understand that the craft is capable of levitating. However, what would it take to control the direction of the craft moving horizontally. Otherwise, the craft would only go up and down and that would not be enough to go to another planet.

  • http://www.camendirect.org/tr/profile/fellare/ cam direct

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  • REY

    Nov 21st 2013




  • K Praveen Kumar

    Sir with love
    Please send a model to my address without cost. Iam from india my address is

    H.No.12-11-1715, Ambernagar, Adikmet, Hyderabad – 500 044. Andhra Pradesh. INDIA.

    (Iam not interested in subject but I knew everything about oneness and love and I teach who selected in this truth subject (what is what, what we are, our final destination))

    Greatful to you with love my words to you. You are genius

  • Silver

    Here’s a hint to RALPH RING, start to look into ; DARK GRAVITY.

  • Yvon Ouellette

    Hello Ralph and Marsha,

    Listening to both of you is giving me the extra courage to be who I am at my very core, in a more public way. And I just wanted to thank you.

    Yvon Ouellette
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • http://www.oymradio.com Alan James


    We would like to get in touch with Ralph for a radio interview. Do you have a contact page or email address?

    Thank you

    Alan & Steve

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  • Wayhe Williams

    This has been great reading, But i have some questions how far are you with the model build?

  • Monika

    I am absolutely fascinated by Ralph’s research. I have always been interested in free energy and my wish is to come off the power grid one day, I think that would be the ultimate freedom for all of us. Ralph mentioned that he was developing a small hand held device that could be used to light up rooms for free. I would love to know if he is selling these devices. Also, I live in Kelowna, British COlumbia in Canada. Are there meetings being held around this area?
    Your answers will be very much appreciated. Monika

  • Leland Owings III

    fascinating intellect, I want to be a part of this movement. I come from a strong mechanical background. I ‘ve worked at Donaldson’s INC, I also worked for nearly nine years at Ford Motor Company building Ford Rangers until 2007, when alot of us lost our jobs. They have since bulldozed the plant in St Paul, Minnesota. I have really nothing to hold me here and I need a job that I can go to that is going to make the world a better place. Please, if anyone is out there that can help find my place, my part, let me know. My name is Leland and I don’t have educational degrees of any kind, but what I do have is the experience that has been self taught or hands on. I have the patience to learn and understand just about any mechanical challenge put before me. I also have common sense and a unique sense of humor because life hasn’t been the best for me and nothing has ever been just handed to me. If ANYONE has a place for me, I will gladly do my part to get my consciousness available with my presence known. My name is Leland, my number is 6128659395

  • Sandi Beagez-Duffy

    Hi Ralph & Marsha! Sandi Beaugez-Duffy Here!!!! Wanting to connect with you ASAP. Got people all over world looking to talk to you! It’s time!!! Got so much to talk to you two about—how are you? Been keeping up with you, awesome!!! I love you! email me or call me please!!! sandi.duffy@gmail.com 850-582-5537 cell 850-678-0404 home.

  • Sandi Beaugez-Duffy

    Ralph & Marsha—
    Please contact me! Sandi Beaugez-Duffy! sandi.duffy@gmail.com

  • Leigh Smythe

    Mr. Ring, or whoever is accepting mail on his behalf,
    It is 12-16-2013, we are coming soon to the 2nd coming and a dynamic reorganization of governments. It is time to see these flying disks of yours. (Or maybe we already do, just don’t know it’s you. A new spirituality is upon us, powered by light and love. Those controlling us will soon be out of power (control) I had an idea for a round flying craft in about 1960, early in high school, but thought it required a huge power source to power the electro magnets I would have placed in a circle around a circle and used them to repel the magnetic lines of the earth. Right idea, wrong details. I have been searching in recent years for a singular powere source to be used in each household, to stop the wires, and charges for electricity, It would, also, stop the need for heat energy, because it would power this need. They have modest solar cells, and cold fusion being developed, but your solution would end all that and make it an intellectual pursuit. Can’t you find a way to share with us? I just a poor old woman living on SS, and have no budgets but I fear those who have taken control of our country. Pleas help us…. Thank you, Leigh Smythe

  • Robert Martin

    Ralph- This Dr. Robert Martin. I have information that I would like to share with you in person. I also would like to send you a copy of my book. As you said, I am letting my intuition guide me to my next adventure by contacting you. I am in hopes that what I have to tell you will help you and your affiliates advance. Thank you for your diligence and perseverance in the adventure of life.

  • http://www.ascendingstarseed.wordpress.com Annette O’Toole

    Dear Ralph and Marsha, Aloha!

    My name is Annette, and I’m contacting you to learn more about your needs for individuals experienced in consciousness exploration. After watching your stunning presentation at the 2012 GlobalBEM conference last July, we’re highly interested in learning more about your work in consciousness combined with the application of this advanced technology you’re developing and feel we may be a perfect match for your program.

    Myself, I’m personally in the process of relocating from the Big Island to Kauai in mid January; and, two friends, Renee McCready and Jon Brown from Australia will be joining me here on in Hilo and will make the move together. We bring advanced “consciousness exploration” techniques to the table and are seeking to align with those on a similar path. After watching your video, we all felt strongly guided to contact you and learn more about your needs for individuals possessing required levels of unity consciousness to match the profiles necessary to work with this technology.

    All three of us use sacred geometry based meditation techniques and have reach advanced levels of consciousness. Personally, the summer of 2012 I underwent an extremely powerful DNA light body activation which also has been completely re-wiring my internal circuitry to the multi-verse. During this very intense process I’ve had extraordinary experiences connecting with the planetary environment and am still exploring the infinite possibility’s contained within this very complicated “organic light body technology” that was downloaded from my DNA last year. I only wish the users manual didn’t get left behind in the download because it took some time to understand what happened and to get a handle on the accompanying increased energetic load.

    Jon and Renee are equally skilled in their respective gifts. Renee developed her skills over the last 20yrs as an extremely gifted yoga master, raw food expert and skilled healer; she works specifically with enhancing the flow of energy thru breathing, diet and movement. Jon is a highly advanced soul in a 20yr old body, he’s currently working in Thailand on a two week retreat, as a protege under energy masters from the Avatar Energy Institute. He’s already healing others at the shaman level and already experiences highly expanded and advanced states of unity consciousness.

    If you’re interested in learning more about who we are, our skills and backgrounds, please let us know. We would love to meet with you after arriving next month to learn more about the work your doing on Kauai and how our skills can align with the work you’re in consciousness exploration. We feel we’re perfect candidates to work with the development and application when applied to this highly advanced technology. We would be honored to work with your organization at any level, and I can easily be reached by email or cell phone at 808-345-8246.

    Thank you for your consideration and time, we look forward to your reply.

    Have a safe and happy Holiday Season!

    Kindest regards,
    Annette O’Toole

  • amit setpal

    Energy is the main reason for fighting between many countries this technique may bring peace among them.I pray for this technique.(Om nibh nivh nirah suh)

  • http://rexresearch.com Robert Nelson

    Hi Ralph

    Ive heard a rumor that you’ve returned to Las Vegas — is that true ?

    If so, I’m still here — let’s meet.

    Bob Nelson

    p.s. — thanks for the eCards.

  • Billy Gray

    Ralph Dude – I love you man! Ditto for Callum Coats! from your friend Billy Gray(10-1-1947,Newark,New Jersey) A-LO-HA Ralph!…Do you know Patrick Flanagan?(phisciences.com)He could be a good ally! Enough for now.A-LO-Ha!from B.G.

  • Susannah Acworth

    Yesterday I was being blown away by watching an Animal Communicator ‘communicating’ with Diabolo, now Spirit, the Black Panther, today I’ve just read The White Sands Inciden by Daniel Fry, and just watched the Project Camelot interview with Ralph Ring. I have no intellectual understanding of technology and science, but what I am reading and feeling deep within my intuition, heart, soul – call it all what I will – Unity, and reading what the other readers have written, feel such a huge surge of excitement, understanding and knowing, that, even though humanity as a whole appears to be in deep sleep regarding the direction in which we are evolving – most are totally unaware – it has to be so, dear God let it be so, – that we must evolve and soon into the higher dimensions. Please someone read this, and get back to me. I’ve just read what you say Leland. We will have vast numbers soon to wake up. I appear to be rambling – but I long to make contact, and create contacts.

  • Giuseppe Chirieleison

    Tonight, finally, after so many years, I dreamed of my beautiful mother and told me to hurry up.
    This is my most precious gift to mankind, one of the most beautiful and revolutionary creatures of my genius. It will take time because it is recognized as its highest value. Maybe after my earthly life. I’m not the first, nor will I be the last. The great Nikola Tesla, after all he has given to humanity, he died alone and in poverty in a hotel room in New York. I offer it for free, even if it could give me economic wealth. In return, I will have the satisfaction of having done to make a quantum leap to the technological evolution of my humanity. In addition, I have enriched the evolutionary stage of my Divine Consciousness. I’ve already sent several aerospace research centers, but since the project is so big and distant from their obtuse ignorance, I do not believe it is possible. Or, someone will already be thinking of patenting it. The project, once implemented, will allow interstellar travel faster than the speed of light, as well as the acquisition of knowledge of high-profile technology. Sooner or later we will need, when, according to me not too long ago, the Divine Mother Earth could be devastated by terrible cataclysms. Everything will depend on the activity of the Divine Sun, and if it will not clemency of Humanity corrupt and extremely ignorant, since the Divine Laws are strict and unforgiving. It will depend on whether or not humanity has exceeded the limit. I still want to point out that, since my discovery is so large, the project can not be considered a project accomplished and defined, but obviously will have to be tested, developed, corrected, adjusted, complementarized. However, it is certain that the speed of light can be exceeded. What happens next is for me to understand, and that is that you enter the so-called fourth dimension, you create antimatter and consequent anti-gravity. It will figure out how to harness its immense energies involved.
    Autore: Giuseppe Chirieleison
    Via Marina, 22/A
    98021 Alì Terme (ME)
    Email: organiza2@libero.it
    Cell.: 039 3490930187
    Revolutionary new method of aerospace propulsion
    The unmaterializzator consists of: 1) a stator of the synchronous motor with three-phase four -pole windings consist of superconducting cables; 2) from one oscillator frequency up to 1.2 GHz.
    The principle of operation is to produce a rotating magnetic field whose speed exceeds the speed of light, and this is already absolutely possible.
    Immersing any material body in said magnetic field, as soon as it exceeds the speed of light (300,000 km./Sec.). The body immersed therein is dematerialized, in practice comes out of our field of vision, but does not disappear; it becomes antimatter and can be given to the matter by decreasing the speed under 300,000 km./sec.
    Being the number of revolutions of the rotating magnetic field n = f/p where f is the frequency and p are the number of poles, for a frequency of electric current of 600 MHz, will be n= 600.000.000 /4 = 150.000.000 rev/sec., to a circumference of the rotating magnetic field equal to 2 meters its speed will be equal to 300,000 km./sec.. Its speed reaches that of light when therefore provide an alternating electric current with a frequency equal to 600 MHz Or for a frequency of the electrical current of 1.2 GHz, will be n = 1,200,000,000 / 4 = 300,000,000 rev/sec., to a circumference of the rotating magnetic field equal to 1 meter its speed will be equal to 300,000 km./sec.
    The experiment despite being an extreme interest to the scientific world, however, is very dangerous for two types of problems that you can solve, however. The first is that for which, as the current must have a high enough intensity, it pierces the air at very high frequencies and it would be fatal for operators who find themselves in the vicinity of the machine. The second problem is that for which the instant when the body is dematerialized, antiforce produces a gravitational repulsion from the Earth’s gravitational force that would drive the body starting into space at a speed extreme and unimaginable.
    The unmaterializzator is mainly used for the realization of spaceships with extreme propulsion for interplanetary travel due course after the insights and experiments. In addition, it will be realized with scientific knowledge absolutely extraordinary and revolutionary.
    I offer my cooperation for the realization of the prototype.
    My thought travels and evolves at a speed greater than that of light and includes, under the protection of Cosmic Order = God which all must obey and submit.

    What do you think? if we were not so far away I’d like to meet

  • Enzo

    Dear Dr. Ring. I recently saw an interview with you, on a Italian Program, “VOYAGER”, I was struck by your intelligence and vision of facts. I would love to work with you and devenlop your theories, I would be very honored. An affectionate greeting.

  • Missy:)

    Hi Ralph,
    I would love to be a Conscious Pilot for your Loving Beings/Vehicles. I live in Ashland Oregon and am in the process of purchasing a large piece, 1000 acres, of secluded property off I-5 east of Mt. Ashland. I’m a retired Child Psychologist/Rancher, single, 60 yr. young lady with no children. I live each day to increase my “light-love-consciousness”. I would love to be part of your work and could also contribute funds towards this amazing Symbiotic Technology. I learned to astral project at the age of 3 years old. (I too was raised in the woods of Paradise, Calif. No kidding:)) But it’s been a lonely journey as I haven’t figured out how to take others along for and astral ride? You have!!! I’m on the verge of purchasing a Tesla Model S but will hold off until I hear from you.
    Living my Greatest Joy and Highest Excitement:)

  • Missy:)

    Opps I got so excited about sending my comment that I didn’t include my name. I’m Missy:) and yes my email address is really “rocketmail.com”

  • David Porter

    I was first introduced to OTC technologies in the early 80′s. I have been interested since then and have just found you guys recently. I am interested in joining your group to help out in any way that I can. If there is a pod in the Spokane, WA area, I would be most pleased to meet with them. I can be contacted via e-mail at panhead@conceptcable.com
    I am an industrial/scientific glassblower (since 1973)and have the facilities to perform work for your groups should you need such services.
    Thank you
    David C. Porter Sr.

  • https://www.etsy.com/shop/WarpedFunctions warpedweaver

    Where are the sources for the electrical currents that create the magnetic fields that Mr Ring’s spaceships use for power?

    And does Mr. Ring have any connection to the Electric Universe theory (see thunderbolts.info or holoscience.com)

  • Charles Curtis

    To Mr. Ring or whoever is running this page: Namaste my name is Charles Curtis and I’m in the midst of developing a group dedicated to awakening minds to the ideas of free energy and unifying the people for a greater cause than just labor. I’m calling it “The Indigo Project.” I dream of a world where everything can be natural energy, eco-friendly, and everybody wins. Just happened to be talking to someone about Tesla and I heard you do an interview on a radio and it really opened my eyes up. We were so close to a better world….so very close…but I want to try to bring the Tesla tower back eventually or re-create energy much like your experiments that the FBI confiscated…I would be most honored if you e-mailed me and told me more about free energy. I would like to be educated in the idea a little more as well if you have some good information for me. My e-mail is ForgottenAmbience@icloud.com I really hope to hear from you guys because I would love to talk to you. Your background with the concept is purely amazing. I’m only a 23 year old who is trying to make a difference much like you guys were, but I want to help spread the word with you.

  • yoppeel

    Hello I have been studying on many aspects regarding gravity propulsion aircraft’s, i have done research in superconductors,cyrogenics,mercury vortex engines,coanda effect, caduceus coil,vril disc,ancient history,occult and many more but was unable to reach to a conclusion…i would like your help on some aspects regardingself balancing vehicle…I am right now working on cordless switches and free energy generators. please reply in affirmative.

  • http://TRMBS.com Robert

    See http://TRMBS.com
    Click on Merln’s Inventions


    do you make a toy model that can be operated by mocontrol.

  • Jacob La Mont Evans

    Hello, I ran across your video and you make as about as much sense and truth as I have ever heard. I wish you lived here in San Diego, I know a lot of stuff and I would love to be your apprentice. I have told every one that they are crazy my whole life, that they are slaves but they tell me that I am lazy. I just want to live free as nature intended. Even though I have faith we will meet one day, I will research you and your stuff as well as books under you. You are a truth full man and I love that. love him well wife, and love her well husband. May nature continue to bless us all, as she always has.

  • douglas hands

    hello sir i am very impressed watch your video,have made things myself that defey what we are tought in school,thank you you are a true man .i want to help in anyway that i can .cheers doug

  • Matthew C Sands

    Andrew James Burnage on Feb 28th,2011 at 7:06am asked what E.L.F stands for. I’d also like to know as I’ve seen these 3 letters written in clouds. Each letter appeared individually on three seperate days.

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      Extra Low Frequencies, I believe.

  • http://whitetiger511.tripod.com Greg O’Neill

    Hi Ralph, I know Dan Winter, Bill Donavan, Mike Waters, Mark McCandlish, people you probably already know, and have known them for years. We would like to get a chance to dialog with you, and work towards our common goal of bringing clean power and propulsion to all nations, and people. I saw your working with the group in Peru, that is wonderful news. We will be getting over to my home state of New Mexico to set up our R&D work there for advanced tech and materials.

  • Joanna

    Hello. I just wanted to say how much I m impressed and I wanted to say that You have all of my spiritual support. I m sending you my light and all warm wishes! :)

  • jpenny49@gmail.com

    Does anyone have any measurements for the frame design. i.e the ribs
    of the frame and also the measurements of the accumulator bearing sizes.

  • DarionL.H.

    okay, I’m very interested in your work, I am only 17. I understand that this advancement will impact the whole civilization. people are becoming aware of the information age. but I want to know how WE, the people who understand so much others don’t, can really support this technological and spiritual advancement. How we can disclose the information thats purely proven to the people who don’t or choose not understand. I understand that those who are making money off that which is free, NEED US to fuel there POWER over US, “WE are SLAVES to the SYSTEM” Why do we continue to live under obligation to the system? Why do we choose to be controlled? why do choose corruption? Why do we CHOOSE to FUEL their POWER over US?. we are the corrupt and we are the solution to the corruption with in us.

  • DarionL.H.

    or, we are being corrupted by our own choices, we are choosing to be corrupted. many people can see straight but are told to walk backwards, and believe that its right.

  • DarionL.H.

    we are allowing the system to elude our request for the truth about what we really are and capable of. they take out people who have very interesting facts about nature, because it threats their power over us.

  • Jan Slodkowski

    ALCHEMY EVENT 2014 MASTERPIECE, APRIL 11-13, 2014 – BannerSnack

    2014 | HOPEGIRL BLOG

    Quantum Energy Generator | LIGHTWORKERSXM

    Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) Open Sourced

    Ralph Ring’s Website » The QEG Quantum Energy Generator works!

    3D Printer World

    The Modular Aquaponic Geodesic Bio Dome & Home Micro Kits by Future of the Free — Kickstarter


    Inspiration: Thrive (Full Movie)

    Mind over mechanics : College of Science & Engineering : University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

    New Earth Project Introduction and Promo 1 Video – YouTube

    I UV | D Breaking The Silence New Website: To BE Community

    Brian Kelly’s Blog: Free Energy Update — Ralph Ring — Africa — An Invite for All Innovators to Step Forward — NOW is the T

    MISSION I’M POSSIBLE 6 : On Expanding U Radio : THE PLEDGE TO PERU LIVE ON AIR : Friday 21st March : 8 :00PM EST : Answering t

    MISSION: I’MPOSSIBLE 02/28 by ExpandingU RADIO | Education Podcasts


    Ancient Knowledge Pt.1 Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, Illusion of Reality (Rare Footage) – YouTube

  • Noel

    Wow this is deep. Love the comments great web site glad I found it. Keep up the good work.

  • Terry Andersen

    My name is Terry Diane Andersen from Victoria BC Canada. I’m a prodigy with many insights about levitation, anti-gravity devices, highly advanced computer chip technologies & how they can be applied to help evolve the International Community & the next generation.

    Years ago I was tested & told I was a prodigy & invited to brain storm with the Tesla Group with other prodigies, scientists & psychics. At that time I was still a young mother with youngsters at home & was not ready to pursue my gift.

    Please respond to terry.d.andersen@gmail.com

  • Terry Andersen

    I am now ready to pursue these insights & would like you to contact me to discuss. terry.d.andersen@gmail.com

  • JC

    The Germans know how they work!

  • Stefan

    Hey Ralph the utrons in the otc-x1 arent just metal, they are magnetic. It says in the diagram that the utron magnetic fields interact with the c shape magnet at 45 degrees. Hope this helps you

  • (Mex)

    They hold no power over us except the power we give them, so give them nothing. They stay silent now, there’s nothing they could say that wouldn’t draw attention to us. There’s nothing they can do, we are doing nothing wrong. This is our Earth, borrowed from our children’ s children. That is their money, let them have as much as they can carry but whatever you do, don’t dig up coal for them, don’t draw up oil, and don’t bear the their arms against your neighbours, your brothers and sisters, their enemies. This is NOT their Earth, WE ARE NOT THEIR PEOPLE.
    Equiliberation will BE soon.