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Ralph Ring is one of the surviving members of a team of technicians and scientists who worked for legendary inventor, Otis T Carr. Otis Carr was a protege of Nikolai Tesla. Ralph has made himself available for interviews and appearances to discuss his own experience working on Carr’s team, and the amazing OTC-X1.

We are living in a sea of energy. —Ralph Ring

In this conversation with Ralph & Marsha Ring, we put a call out to all inventors and innovators through Ralph’s global network of pods to come forward.  It is time to come out from the shadows to build and create without the fear of being shutdown, taken out, or suppressed by the former controlling systems of the world.

Here in Morocco we are creating a safe space to live, work, share, create and distribute.  Africa will be on the front lines of creating the new world.  This will be the world stage and the energy will flow out in all directions.  The time to do so is NOW.  The land, the contacts, housing, and materials for building and creating are already established.

It’s time to DO. Will you join us?

Please contact me with questions and interest at briankelly@5dmedianetwork.com

And anyone who is wanting to “join the pods” in some way please just add me in skype and ask me to add you to the skype room set up for the pods to use for general communications.  My skype name is:  markhoza

(If you aren’t using skype you can contact me via email webmaster@bluestarenterprise.com or in the comment field, but please be patient as sometimes it takes time to keep up with emails and comments.)

  • Missy:)

    I just listened to your interview with Ralph and Marsha. I’m going to Paradise to visit my family this weekend!!! I would love to talk to Ralph and Marsha in person. Please give them my phone numbers Cell 1-360-223-1159 Home 1-541-897-0393. I have recently become extremely wealthy (100s of millions of dollars. No kidding) I know lots of people in my same position. We came into our new found wealth to help humanity become happier and healthier. And to make Gaia a better place to live. Heaven on Earth. Here we come. Our combined wealth is limitless!!! WE could help distribute your technology for free to many many people. Please let us help.
    I live 3 hours north of Paradise Calif. in Talent Oregon. Have I knocked your socks off even more Brian??? We are sooo on the same page. I don’t have a Skype account but will get one tomorrow. Living my Greatest Joy and Highest Excitement Missy Rhodes PS I just emailed you “before” I listened to your interview from missyrhodes2233@gmail.com. Both emails are good to use.


    Hello Brian,
    I really like this topic. Can you connect me with like-minded people in Orange County? Can i have more infos plz? I would like to work with you, Rlph. What can i do? How can i help?
    Effortless Instant manifestation coming your way !!!
    Thn U & Belssings!
    paradys413@gmail.com, 773 724 0770

  • steven gulliford

    i am obsest by free energy and levitation and my self come up with rotating magnet turbine idea when i was in school but got called thick by my science teacher.i would love to contact ralph for some of my new ideas for his take on them. keep doing what you do. steven gulliford england kent

  • karolina gaffney

    hi my name is Karolina and I am very happy to see that you are all so brilliant in helping this world becoming a better place
    I just want to help you anyway I can to keep you going forward with all the projects .I am at home staying mother with 1 year old son but if you need any donation I am here to help you with what I have
    thank you for been here for us RALPH RING and the team
    Karolina Gaffney

  • David Vaughn


  • Andrew Gts

    I am a genius and can help yr cause. Contact me or leave me your info so I can work with backers or funders to make these dreams reality. I have detailed schematics and info on many technologies not yet created and together we can make it reality.
    I am a creator

  • Vinod Danapal


    I am really surprised initially because, what you told to the public has been already in my thoughts. First of all let me congratulate you and your wife for taking efforts to help the mankind with the idea of free energy and advanced transportation techniques. I am an indian. I am from state kerala in india. We have several holy books, and in one of them , it is mentioned about the flying saucer, used by one of the kings named Ravana. His aircraft is known as Puspaka Vimana. I also heard that this will produce good music or sound while travelling. I just co-related this with what you told. This can be the sound used for resonating the craft for levitation. I am intrested to discuss more things with you. You can contact me in my email.

  • http://bootstrapstudio.com Bradley Wong

    I have a 3d printer and I am a 3d-modeller. If you have any designs you need printed. Submit them to mail@bootstrapstudio.com and I’ll help print a prototype or model of it. Please make the subject line begin with [3DP] and I’ll answer you.

  • http://socialnetworkingwebsitedesign.net Steve Ⓥ Graham

    Awesome. We are creating a conscious community in Goa and we have a conscious camp in the UK. http://consciouscamp.co.uk/