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Ralph Ring is one of the surviving members of a team of technicians and scientists who worked for legendary inventor, Otis T Carr. Otis Carr was a protege of Nikolai Tesla. Ralph has made himself available for interviews and appearances to discuss his own experience working on Carr’s team, and the amazing OTC-X1.

We are living in a sea of energy. —Ralph Ring

This post is to help make sense of this website and to address some frequently asked questions. Please, use the comments field below this post to suggest usefull additions to this information.

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For the time being we are using the comments field below this post to collect questions for Ralph Ring. In a creative effort to respond to the very good questions coming in Walter Nowosad has generously offered his services to video interview Ralph Ring and other individuals of interest to those gathering here. Watch Walter’s intro video here:

Walter travelled to meet with Ralph and Marsha Ring in Arizona. Here is his July 2011 update:

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  • Dawn

    Could you tell me where I could get the dimensions of mystery book. I can’t seem to download it from your web site Mr Ring. Could you send me a link to it please. I am anxious to read it.

    Thanks ever so much.

  • Dawn

    Just found the link on your old site. No need to respond. Thanks for all that you are doing!!

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      Good work Dawn! Let me know if you require anything else.


  • Kerri Bodie

    How do we find out more about becoming a “pod”, if that is even a possibility?

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      Just a thought regarding this:

      There is a whole lot going on under the surface here besides the few posts that surface here. Therefore, if you have something living in your heart that you want to contribute perhaps contact me and we can see if there is something that you might bring to the table that someone else is looking for.

      Send me a private message or even just reply to this comment. You don’t have to be registered on the site to inquire. The easiest way for me to contact you is via Skype. If you don’t have it already you can download the free program and create a free account here: http://Skype.com Tell me your username and I will add you so that we can then see each other.

      I am also able to telephone you, but I’ll be ringing from Australia so would prefer to work with Skype if you can manage that. However, please just give me your phone number if you will be delayed by concerning yourself with Skype. I am able to call most countries very inexpensively.



      • creativemind

        I will be interested in knowing were i fit in, i dont know if i have enough information to guide myself to build what where known as Vaimanika Shastra (without the weapon part). I would like to be part of it, but here in new york i cant find not one person that is interested in the same technology let alone to build one unless they are acting in secrecy.

        • videogearhead

          Welcome to the group, creativemind

          I asked Ralph yesterday about how he opens the topic of spaceship construction with people after he told me that folks here in Prescott, AZ don’t seem to be very receptive to the idea. He told me that he doesn’t just hit them with the ‘spaceship’ word. He tells them about flying RV’s. You don’t have to use that phrase; but, perhaps you could use some other creative, less ‘crazy’ way of getting the word out? Keep in mind, most people are wrapped up in their lives, jobs, family, spectator sports, TV drama, etc. Spaceships are UFOs to them; and, UFO’s only exist in the minds of crazy people, right? LOL So, they may not be predisposed to hearing anything about a topic they consider ridiculous. Perhaps you can open the topic of spaceships by asking ‘what if’ questions. If they’re into it, then you may have a person who shares our interests.

          You know what? It’s going to get considerably easier promoting spaceships once we have the proof our designs work and can actually show people. In the meantime, I’d say proceed at a natural pace. If you want to understand more about the design, analyze Otis T. Carr’s patent and kit plans, which can be found on this website. That’s what the pods have done. Some members are considerably more analytical than others; and, these people are the ones decoding Otis Carr’s ‘DIMENSIONS OF MYSTERY’ and creating the designs for the craft.

          If you want to financially support our efforts, click that donate button. The funds go directly to the webmaster – Mark – who has been putting in a lot of hours acting as the go-between for us. If you’re allergic to the donate button, no sweat. We’ll ask that you keep positive thoughts about what we’re doing.



      • Pierre Dumas

        Mark,I just opened a Skype account:pierredumas01
        Would you kindly tell me how to find you on Skype.
        My email: energyoneness@sympatico.ca
        Phone(Canada): 613-472-1779
        Avatar: Yoda

  • http://AntiCorruptionSociety.com AL

    A local scientist, Dr Mike Castle, has devised a pendant designed to help protect people from the impact of the HAARP mind control waves that are being emitted from the extensive system that has been constructed.

    Here is his explanation regarding the pendants.

    Can you identify a way to test these wave disrupters?

    According to many scientists like Brooks Agnew and geoscientist Leuren Moret, HAARP has been designed to perform mind control on mass numbers of the population. These waves can be transmitted via radio and television frequencies.

    Protecting ourselves from mind control is imperative if we are ever to free ourselves from the current corrupt entity we call our ‘government’.

    He also has developed an orgonne generator, designed to help restore ‘natures weather systems’ versus HAARP’s destructive artificially created one.

    Explanation/diagram of orgonne accumalator

    Please let me know what you think of Dr Castle’s devises. If ‘government’ can disrupt our abilities to develop our consciousness, it will guarantee our continued enslavement, won’t it?

    Loved hearing you on Redice Creations.

    AntiCorruption Society

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com Ralph Ring

      The name “pod” is used to describe our friends and associates around the globe who have found it in their nature to dedicate themselves to help create a better world. If this idea is of interest to you we would suggest you use your intuition to strengthen your intention,letting a pod find you.

      • Erik Robles

        First off, Thank you Mr. Ring. You inspire me. I am involved in Anti-gravity experiments in my home and would love to collaborate information with whoever is interested. I am trying to use solid state electronics and no moving parts. My electronics background is super weak but I am keeping at it. Again thank you and if anyone is interested in sharing ideas, SUPER! Thank you.

  • itisone

    Is there a difference in the Masons and the Knights Templar’s. My brother is a Mason and his personality over the last 20 years appears to be shrinking into a secret world which seems to be reducing his openness with his brothers through blood and whilst increasing his world with his Masonic brothers. Can you explain because I heard you express on Red Ice that the true law of nature has no secrets.

    • videogearhead

      I’ve been thinking about this question ever since you posted it. I’m not very well-read on the Masons or Knights Templar; but, I will tell you something that Ralph just told me during my phone conversation a few minutes ago.

      This may not completely answer your questions; but, it MAY offer a piece of an answer. We were discussing the science of Sacred Geometry – the stuff of the ancient mystery schools. Ralph simply commented that with the quantum physics having been revealed, the Nights Templar have been releasing their secret information and the Masons have not. Why? They still don’t want us to know who we are.

      The law of nature has no secrets. It’s all there for everyone to see. Now, the specific application of that law is likely what is being kept kept secret. Considering the work of the pods, it time – very soon – we all shall see.



      • itisone

        Sorry for delay and thank you Walter.
        I would like to share this I only found it last night.
        If you are interested in “unified field theory” the connection between infinitely big and infinitely small please have a look at this link.

        Nassim Haramein is GIVING his discoveries and knowledge to the world so don’t forget to support his research by going on his website: http://www.theresonanceproject.com From three conferences cut and pieced together and from physics, geometry, biology and ancient civilizations, Nassim is sharing his knowledge about the unified field theory, the connection between infinitely big and infinitely small, the geometry of space and the dynamic of our fractal and holographic universe!!

    • michael


      Free masons are a very secretive society and if you read up on them you’ll realize that they are really foot soldiers for the Illuminati. Free masons have a hidden agenda and their aim is to control society. I have personally known several free masons and have actually worked for one. I can only say that they cannot be trusted and can be very manipulative in nature. I am not saying that they are all necessarily the same, but based on my experience, I confirmed what others had told me in the past about free masonry. A free mason once told me that they read the bible at every meeting, share stories about important issues that they face in their daily lives and their works are aimed at bettering society. I asked what type of works he was talking about and the reply was it was secrete and way over my head – I wouldn’t understand anyways. I said if free masons are for the betterment of man, why all the secrecy? He got angry at that point, so I dropped the conversation and left. I don’t mean to offend any one – just telling about what I have faced.

      Peace be With All,


      • videogearhead

        Hey Michael,
        I’m a little last in responding here – sorry about that. I just wanted to thank you for posting your personal experience with the free masons. Regarding your question to that guy about secrecy, the question is spot-on. If he got angry for you asking it, under the surface, he may see your point. The bit about the answer being way over your head is pure arrogance. So, I wonder whether that guy is typical of all free masons? I’ve seen some guys online insisting that not all of free masonry is secret control conspiracy. I’ve also seen that it’s designed that way for nefarious reasons.

        In the last couple of days, things have been revving up in the pods. More on this later in the update videos.



  • videogearhead

    Ralph Ring Update: May 26, 2011

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      Hey Walter,

      The link didn’t come through in the comment, so I have edited your comment with the embed code from the YouTube video. I hope that you don’t mind.

      I’ll set you up so that I don’t have to approve your comments and posts, by the way.

      Thanks again for your work on the videos. I look forward to your interviews and documentaries with Ralph and others.


    • videogearhead

      June 5, 2011:

      Ralph was contacted by ECETI to schedule an appearance on Jame’s show ‘Contact Has Begun’.


      No date yet; but, they expect an air date of sometime in July or August.

  • michael


    Just wondering if you can ask Ralph a few particular questions when you interview him: Can the teleportation craft be used as a time machine to travel backwards or forwards in time?

    While ‘traveling’ in the teleportation craft, has he ever experienced what some have called during transcendental meditation as being ‘everywhere’ or ‘at all places at once’?

    Has Ralph ever seen himself in the past or future? I have also read that at a higher state of consciousness, people feel connected to the ‘cosmos’ and outside the mind, there is no space or time and everything is a singularity; all coexists, there is no beginning or end. Does traveling in the craft place one in this state and create these feelings?

    Has he every come across higher dimensional or inter-dimensional beings during his teleportation experience?

    These may be deep questions, but I would really appreciate it if you could present them during the interview.



    • videogearhead


      Sorry for the delay in responding. I’ve been traveling. I just returned from interviewing James Gilliland and his brother – Jay – at the ECETI Ranch at Trout Lake, Washington. When I see Ralph and Marsh in the second week of July, I’ll ask the questions you’ve posted here.

      I wonder whether you’ve had similar experiences – being everywhere; seeing yourself past/future, etc.

      Regarding “…higher state of consciousness, people feel connected to the ‘cosmos’ and outside the mind, there is no space or time and everything is a singularity; all coexists, there is no beginning or end…” I see you’ve read about it. Have you had such an experience?

      Regarding contact with higher dimensional beings, I’d say based on Ralph’s descriptions of his experience, he didn’t; however, I will ask him your questions just the same. Perhaps he withheld some information? I don’t know; we’ll see. Personally, I have had such contact, which was enhanced at ECETI with Jenna and James last weekend; and, it didn’t require using a craft or any chemical substances; technology; Yoga; or an all Vegan diet – none of that stuff. I’ve been asked about how much time elapsed during my contact experience where I was given an awesome gift – honestly – I don’t know how much time elapsed. I knew for sure after receiving the gift that I never wanted to leave. But, that’s a long story for another time.

      Bottom line: thank you for posting your questions. I will ask these questions for you.



  • _anomaly

    My name is Moya Sodeko Anomalous, (not my real name, but something that is used in the open circles of society.)

    I very recently started a business dealing in Aquaponics, a way for humans to produce food in mass quantities and quite simply never have to work again. There are others just like me around the globe.

    However, this is just the beginning of my operation. I am part of a loose organization of humans who are bringing free energy to the mainstream. It was not until today that I found your operation and feel it is best that we team up. Now, mind you, I am not testing, patenting, making prototypes or any sort of betterment campaign. Instead, our technology is ready for mass production. It’s already done.

    The reason I am contacting you however is because of the flying saucer. Personally, I have been planning on going into space and inhabiting Mars. My anti-gravity is just speculation as of now, but you already have the technology.

    Judging from how you said it works, it seems someone skilled in Astral Projection would be the perfect pilot. Seeing as I come from a long line of these type of people, I think the experiences you had would be quite different if I was in the craft.

    Please contact me at my email address.

  • Ruben

    Hi I have some questions about the flying crafts. First I was watching a couple documentaries about Ralph ring and I was fascinated by them which led me to a few questions such as.

    Are the spacecrafts still being in production?

    How can one acquire these crafts or any other free energy devices?

    Are there any workshops or any type of meditation lessons available to help understand more how the crafts function so that we may be able to pilot the crafts ourselves?

    How does one get involved with these kinds of projects?

    I hope my questions aren’t so straight forward (I blame it on being a Sagittarius) but I have been in constant search for many years for the truth in everything. Topics ranging from spaceflight, meditation, spirituality, truth about governments and so on.

    Thank you all for your time and have a great day


    • videogearhead


      These are excellent questions. Thank you for posting them. I can answer them for you now. As we progress, more detailed information will become available. If you haven’t seen my update from July 1st, please have a look at it. It’s on this webpage. I will post more updates as things progress.

      Are the spacecraft still in production?
      After OTC, Enterprise was purportedly raided by the FBI in the late 1950’s, the group was disbanded and to not contact each other again; ordered to cease and desist; and all craft and materials related to the craft were confiscated. Public construction of the OTC-X1 halted. Today, there are several private groups out there engineering, testing, and building craft. This pod is only one of them.

      How can one acquire these crafts or any other free energy devices?
      There are different groups building craft for different reasons. some are doing it for profit. Others, like our little pod, is doing it to benefit humanity. In the end, provided the technology is viable (and that’s what my documentary is about – finding it, tracking its progress, and revealing it) you’ll see it made available through various sources. Ideally, it would be made open to all. As Otis Carr mentioned in the past, anyone could build one (a functional OTC-X1 model); but, would need help from a machine shop. The point is, ANYONE could do it. It would be open technology. When the tech becomes available, it is my intent to be there to show the world.

      Are there any workshops or any type of meditation lessons available to help understand more how the crafts function so that we may be able to pilot the crafts ourselves?
      I am unaware of any workshops related to piloting craft. It may interest you to know that Ralph told me about how he and two others were briefed prior to boarding the craft. Otis T. Carr basically talked to them for about 30 minutes. The crew had to clear their minds of all doubt and focus on their destination. That was about it. For what it’s worth, James Gilliland told me that a native elder says that the biggest baddest UFO you’ll ever see is yourself.

      In the end, we may well discover that once we build the craft, we won’t need them.

      How does one get involved with these kinds of projects?
      Start by becoming a member of bluestarenterprise.com; and, then contact the webmaster – Mark Hoza. There are ways to support this project as well. Promote our websites. Talk it up. Raise awareness.

  • michael


    When I was younger, I used to have frequent out of body experiences, especially whenever I was sick for some reason. I remember several times ‘looking down’ upon myself sleeping in bed and it seemed as though I was floating somewhere high above, looking down a long tunnel. I remember having a weird feeling that can only be described as being out of or outside of space and time. At that moment I knew that I, or rather my soul, could look back and even forward in time to any event in my life but something told me it wasn’t the right time to do so. Then after that, the out of body experience would end.

    I also recall an experience when I was a child. I was alone in the family room looking through the window and noticed that a person suddenly appeared out of no where, just walking along the street. Something told me that he or it knew I was watching and soon as I blinked, he disappeared. Then suddenly, what seemed to be some type of bird creature appeared in his place and flew away in an instant. I was a bit frightened and thought that either I must have been hallucinating or that it must have been some kind of witch or warlock, as folklore would have it. But later in my life after, when I look back at that incident, I reasoned that what I was meant to see was some kind of inter-dimensional shape-shifting being. I’ve read several articles of people witnessing similar events.

    I never bothered to talk to anyone about my out of body experiences or my witnessing of an inter-dimensional shape-shifting being for fear or ridicule. Luckily there are plenty of us around that know the truth about what is ‘out there’ and are willing to share their experiences.

    Hopefully you can post a video or some photographs or your experience at the ECETI ranch soom.


    • videogearhead


      I am just now getting to your message – after having posted an update video from July 1st. In that video, I show the UFO’s that I filmed. If you want to see more pictures, you can check out the interview I did with James Gilliland on June 18, 2011. It’s a 54-minute video posted on my YouTube channel: Search4TruthReality. In that video, and the two with James talking about the Chem Trails at the Ranch, you will see some beautiful videos of the windswept grassy ‘Field of Dreams’ at ECETI and of the distant Mt. Adams. Pictures do not do the place justice. It is an awe-inspiring sight to walk onto that field and actually take in the beautiful scenery with your own eyes.

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences. I can relate with your statements about not wanting to talk about your experience for fear of ridicule. You know the truth. I know it, too. Words cannot effectively convey that truth; so, people who have not had similar experiences will think us crazy; therefore, we either remain silent, or are selective about with whom we share our experiences. Personally, I refuse to be put in a position where I have to convince people that what I’m telling them is real. It could easily be perceived as a sales pitch; and, I’m not selling it. Also, religion and other belief structures are invariably layered onto my experience. I don’t need that kind of headache. Regardless of what people think, I am beyond grateful for the gift. If people want to listen and are open to it, I will tell them face-to-face; but, for reasons I’ve already mentioned, I won’t record it or put it in writing for their myopic scrutiny. I will just say that I sit in quiet confidence and happy with the knowledge I have gained; and, I look forward to learning more.



  • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

    July 2, 2011 Video Update from Walter Nowosad:

  • quantumjumper277

    Hi. I have much to say. The rich ruling class do not want to lose control, that is why they stopped OTC-X1 from further flight tests. Global warming is an avoidable outcome, but the rich make money from devastating the worlds environment. Money seems to be more important than the Earth (To them) but unfortunately they control the world.
    The flying craft can reach the Moon and Mars, but how would they stay there?

  • Raphaël

    Dear Ralph Ring,

    Did you hear about David Percy ? He is co-author of the book “two-thirds” (with David P. Myers) and seems to know something about “spinning discs” : watch this video (1:40 to 2:15) at http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xdkzn5_dossiers-ovni-le-visage-de-mars-2-3_news. It’s dubbed in french, and unfortunately, I didn’t find the original video…

    By the way, I watched the Interview “Somewhere out there (2/3)”. You explain that O. T. Carr said “… when you tune yourself high enough and you get into the mindspace instead of the brainspace… you are immortal, infinite being, and we all are, everyone on this planet are and we don’t know…”.

    I practice zen buddhism, and every one of these words are those of the zen masters, and the buddha itself… Isn’t it strange ? I sometimes feel this “eternal now” during meditation.

    Thanks for reading this. I will contact you if I have more informations.

    Best regards,

  • Marcus

    Can Otis Carr’s craft be reporduced today?

    In 1958, he said that one could be made for 20 million. If it can be reproduced, what would the price be today?

  • joshinkentucky


    I’m new to this site and this is my first post.

    I was listening to the red ice interview and heard Mr. Ring talk about a new type of philosophy where you didn’t need to have a bunch of “stuff” and that what you need you could just will it to be and it would be there. Is there a name for this? Is there an article I could print out and read? Thanks! – jOsh

  • partyboy

    Hi everybody!!! I just joined this site. I am very much interested in Mr. Ring’s work on free energy and anti gravity. I have viewed the videos and I found out that there is a group in Hawaii that is doing research in free energy and anti gravity. I live in Hawaii and I would like to work with that group. Does anyone know how I can contact that research group?

  • http://www.whatwouldyoulove.com Tracy Cooke

    Hello Mark.

    Lynn McCallum visited with Ralph this summer in Prescott. Lynn is producing a movie featuring Ralph and other contributors to the sea of energy.

    She and I met again this August in Crestone, Colorado at the annual PSYCH-K Instructors’ Conference. Lynn was meeting with Rob Williams, the Originator of PSYCH-K, who will also be included in Lynn’s movie. For more information, here is a link with a video option near the end of the page. http://www.psych-k.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=83&Itemid=151

    There will be a PSYCH-K Workshop in Prescott October 8 & 9. If Ralph and/or Marsha are interested in attending, please have them contact me. Thank you, Mark.


  • mike guthrie

    There is a man named Jerry Wills who is a healer and has healed many people with cancer. Would you want to contact him?

  • mike guthrie

    Also, I forgot to mention MMS2 that has a reputation for healing cancer.

  • mike guthrie

    Actually, the main reason I wanted to write was to tell you of my experiences with Tesla’s method of biasing energy from the Aether. Jerry Vassilatos’ book of “Lost Science” describes the method very well. Almost as he knew what Tesla was thinking. The secret in in 2 things. One is the circuit controller, and the other is resonanse. I have been told, though, that the cabal government cam actually sense some how when Energy is being released from the Aether, and will show up on your doorstep minutes after they detect it. Therefore, I have not tried. If the time ever comes, though, I would like to. Mike.

  • http://none kevin mcconnell

    hi Mr ring, my names Kevin McConnell. Ive been following sites like projectcamelot for a long time now. that’s were i first learned a little about you. I’m only 27 years old but as long as i can remember Ive always been interested and understood science. i don’t have any credentials and i dont even have a degree. but what i do know is that what school has taught has been all wrong. Ive always been interested in free energy and magnetism such as yourself and ive even been working on a device that uses magnets. i still have some tinkering to do with it as far as the specific angles of the magnets. its very simple, alls it does is rotate inside a cylinder and theres magnets surrounding the walls and a shaft in the middle using magnets as well. the magnets repel each other and spin. my magnets are very power full neodynium magnets so i need a bigger cylinder so i can get the correct angles. but if i can get more material I’m cirtin this will work. it would be able to power any small generator. I’m sure you get the idea. anyway id like to speak with you or just ask you one question? whats a kid like me supposed to do in times like this with ideas and absolutely no schooling? it seems hopeless. i would have loved to get an opportunity to land a lab tech job like you did but it just seems impossible. id really love to hear back from you if this email reaches you. i live in California and my email is kevinm925@gmail.com (925) 695-6238

  • http://angelcallings.com Angel Callings Sanctuary

    Great site. Very interesting, would love to learn more about it.
    Thank you.

  • Beth Cofone

    Hi Ralph,
    Hope you are doing well, we spoke in depth on the phone and you and your partnr were so supportive to me. I wanted so much to help you write a book on your experiences. You turned me on to the Megre “Anastasia” books and I loved them. I have continued to evolve in so many incredible ways…lightworker as I am. I adore you and wish you would come to the East Coast so I could meet you in person. take care…Beth

  • http://www.meetup.com/Phoenix-Awake-and-Aware/ Makoto

    I would like Ralph to speak and lecture us in Phoenix AZ when he comes around close by. Is it possible? Our gourp is the supporter and grass root group for the project Camelot/Kerry Cassidy and Avalon/Bill Rayan who interviewed Ralph a few years ago. I left message at Presscott tel number and wrote email to him ( I got those off the internet) but he is not answering back. Would you help us?

  • Dennis C. Lee

    I saw the cone shaped NIB magnets on one of your videos. I want to make a housing to hold them at 45 degrees (with bearings at the apexes) as in the Carr patent. Then just spin them over something and see if anything happens. What do you think RR? Has any one tried this yet? Is anyone selling parts? What were the c-core coils for? There is talk that if you make the atoms do the Cha Cha, something will happen.

  • Ian

    Hi everybody!! I have just registered and just joined this site, i have literally only today been watching videos of Mr.Ring and information on the work he undertook with Mr.Otis T Carr, I am 57 years old and it feels like i have been asleep for 46 of those years and just woke up,Because i to believed as Mr.Ring about floating houses under self sustained energy contained within its self,I drew saucer shaped house set in a hill side and labelled all the areas, But because i wanted to be an engineer, When showing the drawings to my teacher and a career advisor They said i would have to give up ideas as these to become an engineer or no one would give me a job. I can know look forward to doing a lot of catching up, I look forward to watching more of Mr.Ring learning alot more and following the forums.

    With Peace & Thanks

    Ian (UK Based)

  • http://www.liquidbuddha.com Goa Lobaugh

    Hello Mr. Ring,

    I would like to offer support to your television series project, in the way of a conscious team of animators.

    I am the founder and leader of liquidbuddha.studios, where we blend science, technology, and spirituality into high-production value animation and visual effects… we call it “visionary effects.” We are grounded in sacred geometry, and use a “practical mystic’s” approach to production.

    We just completed a seven year project, THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?, where we explored and visualized the toroidal dynamic in many energetic ways. We demonstrated Nassim Haramein’s theories, free-energy systems like John Bedini and Adam Trombley, gave life to crop circles, UFO engine technology and more.

    Now that THRIVE is out in the world, we’ve reignited our intention to work with clients who are bringing the message of free energy to the mainstream. I am a big fan of your story, and of the X1, and we would be honored to bring our unique esthetic and understanding to your project. I believe we offer not just the practical skills, but also the Heart required to understand and translate the dynamic of the Utron.

    Please visit out website, as I’m sure our intention of light will shine though… if you resonate, please let me know.

    with gratitude,


  • An Anonymous Unschooler

    For more information, you can ask the nature intelligences questions directly–see the soilless garden manual, http://www.perelandra-ltd.com.

  • Michael

    Hello Ralph, I was wondering, is there any way in incorperate sacred geometry in the building of our homes to increase the energy of our living space?

  • Cathy

    Ralph and Marsha, Thank you for your recent interview on Project Camelot. I am so glad to have found you!! Nikola Tesla has been my hero for years and years. Do you know anything about the “purple plates” developed by Ralph Bergstresser? Are they authentic Tesla technology? I love and believe everything you have said about natural law and using our intuition. Though I am not what you would call scientific, I am hoping that a “pod”will find me and I will be able to help out someway. Peace and Love to you both!

  • mike emdy

    Retired technical writer electronic and electromechanical systems, can assist in generating detailed instructions for fabrication and assembly, daughter is qualified as digital graphic artist, and can do line drawing….would like to know if there are people in the Dallas area with same interest…we are north of Dallas and close to Oklahoma border…..????

  • burnie metzen

    I tend to believe in what you are doing. My thrust would be the spiritualist side. Ralph I heard you on Oracle broadcasting network with Micah Skye. When I started to listen I was in the depths of despair about this madness we call culture, and life on this our mother The Earth.

    Then I heard you speak of your journey through life and association with Mr. Carr. It enervated me. You may not want to hear this but you saved my life. It seems this poor man is too sensitive for this world but you gave me a reason that made sense to keep on. I downloaded Mr. Aho’s book from the library of congress. and started reading it. You , Mr. Aho and Krishnamurti helped me, unknowingly giving me hope, or maybe more accurately, a blueprint to navigate with..I used to be a heavy equipment operator until financial circumstance ended my business. Now I am what I always was and didn’t know it, an artist, not anything special but an artist nonetheless.

    I may seem a little narcissistic with all this but it was necessary to explain how grateful I am.

    I have no spare money but if I can help in some way please let me know. maxbunko AT gmail dot com.
    Thank You

  • ArGroazhDu

    Hi everybody !

    Great site , very interesting.

    Ralph mentionned in his videos a sphere with crystal quartz and laser light.
    May we have technical explanations on how the crystal quartz interface and human mind control the OTC-X1 ?

    Many schemas given on Project Camelot website but some missing details about OTC-X1
    Where can we get a schema on the way the coils surrounding the OTC-X1 are electrically connected ?


    Ar Groazh Du.

  • Matthew

    My big question for Ralph Ring is how to recreate the jell effect using vibrations?
    I was thinking 3 different ways of doing this using 3 electromagnets and PWM to make the object to vibrate enough to create the jell effect or 3 Tesla coils and use the musical tesla coil concept or use a subwolfer to vibrate the object into the jell effect.
    which of the 3 would you chose to do this?
    I been wanting to try this to demonstrate the fact its possible to put your hand through a vibrating object and learn more about vibrations or what you call resident frequency I been having some chats with my friends about this they find it impossible I like to know its done so I can demo it. I think accidently done this before when I tap a ten bowl on a concert floor it started to feel weird and it seem my hand started to go through it and it scared me away.

  • Gerhard Flemming

    Just found your this website.
    Donald Cooper from NC gave me a CD to watch you talking at a conference.
    I am retired and live in NC now, but spend a large part of my life in CA near San Francisco.
    I have been interested in UFO stuff for a long time since a radar operator at a SAC base showed me a bunch of returns that were mooooving at speeds much faster than anything fliying at that time and making non-survivable turns.
    Hope you are well, Gerhard Flemming

  • http://www.geogreensolutions.com Robert

    Hi Ralph…
    I see there’s not much action here on the comments area. and have been wondering Why. Never the less…I am very intrigued with the “accumulator” and how I might be able to store energy in this fashion.

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster


      There’s a whole lot going on off the website, but I’ve not been managing the site itself as much as we would like. It just takes time. There are several interviews that need to be posted, for example, and most comments are actually private messages for Ralph. Most of the comments that come in are directed to Ralph and include names and contact details. I send them through, trash the (many) spam comments and approve the rest.

      It would be handy to have the forums used more, but it does seem that the nature of this work finds many not willing to post all of their ideas and work for the world to peruse. They are, however, contacting us and working with the pods to move the work along.

      Again, thank you for your comment.



      • Billy Jack Sells Jr.

        We are so blessed to be living in a time when all things change and for the Good !! I have a question for Ralph and everyone else. Q: When are we going to start seeing video on Youtube of actually OTC flying devises?

  • Gorbachev Anthony

    Hello Ralph,

    Thank you very much. You are doing a great job letting the world know about this. Nikola Tesla would be very happy about what you are doing.

    Mr.Ralph I want to know if Otis T Carr was referring to sanskrit scriptures in his ideas/design etc and was he a vegetarian.

    -Thanks Again

  • Ruth J Carson

    All things happen in due time as needed even in web-site management. Many years ago in prayer asked if there would be a way to save more lives in natural disaster in violent earth changes and had a vision of people being able to levitate up and fly to safety. Now realize all thought is creating through the mind from soul to soul as we are all connected. Understand why auto makers do not want such creations of flying shoes or any crafts that levitate up from the earth to save lives, as there would be a great loss of money for them. But is not the creation of love the source of prosperity like the example of the Biblical story of the WIDOW’S MITE?

  • http://donthave aldo

    hello! I wrote yesterday! ignore my previous comment: D I had not read the page when I wrote (sorry my inglish I’m writing from a translator) wanted to say that I find amazing what you do! I am very passionate about all this!
    Also wanted to clarify that my intentions have nothing to do with other than personal interest and a great curiosity to understand the nature and the universe!
    I am a person who is in search, of understanding as a society and as humans! I am an architecture student and I love sailing! where I live we have a beautiful lake! I’m from Argentina cordoba and live near the hill Uritorco!
    Well I’m very interested in building a model, even I have to study much of this information to understand how, but I would be very useful if you can send me to my mail haldooo@hotmail.com any image or video where I can see x1 disk model running this would motivate me a lot! and I would be useful to convince some friends to help me: D!
    Thank you very much! in advance! although there persons who intend to control us! There are many people with good intentions! do not try to change the wind! adjusts the sails! haha hugs!

  • Javier

    Good afternoon

    I would like to talk to ralph because i understand how important is this type of technology for the future of humanity, we have to spread the word. I wanna learn how to do it, i know im an unknown asking for a privilege a lot of people is asking for, i have been learning about technology electricity and magnetism as much as i can so i can get to understand this new technology, i have also study and begin to practice the connection of energy in the surroundings and counciousness, please give him this message, im a 17 year old from virginia, i would really appreciate this opportunity.

    thank you.


  • http://lightdrive-ascension.com Drew (Admin LAU Trust)

    Hello Ralph Ring, sir.

    I love your project! Is it true there are crafts built all around the US?

    I have created a new inertial physics, and metaphysics which you might could relate with as light as the unity of magneto-electrostatic energy. I have learned that energy is never destroyed and is always created in abundance. I have engineered a theory of “faster-than-light” hyperdrive (warp drive) travel. I call it a light drive. Prints and physics and engineering are there for free download at


    I have also discovered intentional energy creation physics and technology. I currently have an overhead satellite at laser precision over my special generating Tesla tower. I have detected its electrostatic scanning beam. Google “scanning beam 1400 volt” NASA component, maybe private satellite.

    I’d like to add and communicate with you, get in touch, and share.

    Much Love! Honor and Freedom!

    – Drew

  • Ben

    Hmm will, any questions Ralph Ring might want to know? Ask! Me maybe I can help.

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      Hello Ben,

      Ralph isn’t really trying to build craft himself. But perhaps others who are working on that will take you up on your offer to give advice. Where do you live?


  • Bill D.

    I was with The Ranch Project a few years ago, and wondered if there was a group of individuals similar to that dedicated to getting this technology pushed forward. I as well as many others are tired of living in the 21st century with tech from the 19th. What can we do to move this ahead? Is it money, political pressure, or something else? I have given up looking for a benefactor that has vision. Most of them are hedonists, and want to pervert whatever technology that is offered, and more often than not are “front men” for the military, as David Anderson discovered somewhat painfully. I DID come up with a plan for this, and called it “Politics and Energy – A Plan For Implementing New Technology”. I would like to discuss this one further, as what is needed is a group of like-minded people working toward a common goal.

  • Rolly


    I am Rolly from San Francisco, CA I have been wanting a device like this so it will be cheaper for me to travel and see my family more often. Please help me.

    I have a few questions about the craft.
    1) The C magnet. Is this material already a magnet before it is cut into the shape?
    2) What kind of metal is the C magnet?
    3) Where do I find the wiring diagram or instructions how to conect the wires?
    4) The capacitor plate. Is this a one piece and bent into shape or two parts welded together?
    5) Where can I find a plan for the 45 foot saucer?? How many C magnets does it have and the cones all together?
    6) Do I need a battery or generator to get it started turning??

    Please help.

  • Rolly


  • peter

    hi Ralph will you be using a crt to power this baby up hope things are going well hope to see the finished thing soon

  • peter

    hi any pod members in the uk i would to get involved ralph please pass my e-mail address

  • peter

    Hi Ralph just a quick question do the outer utrons generate a electric charge

  • peter

    Hi Ralph how many wires are raped around the c shaped magnets is there a primary and secondary winding or more on it kind regards peter

    • michael

      just one and you rap it round 13 times up and down hope that helps you my friend

  • david

    where can I but the kit so I can build the flying saucer like to the one shown..thanks

    • https://bluestarenterprise.com webmaster

      There isn’t currently a kit to buy, but an Australian pod member has put together the “Getting Started” documents that you can download on that tab in the menu. You can find a lot of what you need to know in there. When they have finished a working model he will finish the 4th document which will have all of the details of what they have learned.